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Good morning! We have a primeur! This is my first beauty post ever. Last week I was invited by Mooi PR for the Smashbox Shape Matters workshop led by pro-artist Will Malherbe. Of course I couldn’t  refuse this invitation. I will be honest to you I’m really not a make-up person. Of course I used make-up (I really can’t without), but I mean I actually don’t know what I’m doing. Never used creme’s, yes I’m to lazy for that and I always stuck with the same. I’m only good with my eyes, because I friend teach me that. But it is a same! If you used the right products and bring it on wright you can always look beautiful in a natural way. You will feel pretty what makes you feel confident.

One of the mean reasons I wanted to go to the workshop was that I will learn how to shape your face (contouren). I tried and I tried, but I always fail, haha. But you can really changes your face and hide your min points. When I do a duck face I always look good on pictures, but I want to look like that without the duck face, haha. The other thing I wanted to know was how you can hide bags under your eyes.

I’m glad I went to the workshop, because I learn a lot, get answers on my questions and I never feel so pretty at that moment. Of course I capture some moments  of the workshop for you. I made  a little video about it. I hope you will like it!

The workshop started off with the basics by the Smashbox team. I learned; How to use the right foundation/primer and my biggest question how to get rid of my bags. Lucky Smashbox have the solution ‘Hydrating under eye primer‘. It’s very important to hydrate it under the eyes. After that you can bring on the foundation and  the ‘camera ready BB cream eyes light‘ for making it lighter under the eyes. And tadaaaa the bags are gone! Of course some good night sleep, no stress and right food will help also a lot, hihi. After the basics I went to Will where he gives me a personal advice how I can shape my face at the right way. I think I don’t need to explain this, because you can see it in the video above. Will used the Smashbox full exposure and contour palette. I can tell you I’m a big fan!

The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette excised of fourteen shades to vary endlessly. The palette is specifically designed to be able to perfectly shaping your eyes. I got the honor to take the palette with me at home and I already used it everyday since. The palette launch is 15 november what is today! You can buy it at Douglas for €49,95,-. The contour palette cost €44,50 and is also available at Douglas.

Smashbox shap matters2Smashbox - shape matters event2

Thank you Mooi PR for this opportunity and of course a big thanks to the Smashbox team and Will Malherbe for making me pretty!

Tutorials Smashbox: Lips, Face & Eyes.

Have a nice Saturday!


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  1. 15 november 2014 / 11:11

    wat een prachtige look is het geworden, heel erg mooi en wat tof dat ie je wat tips heeft kunnen geven!
    alexa onlangs geplaatst…LifesumMy Profile

  2. 15 november 2014 / 18:43

    Wat handig zeg zo’n event! Ik ben net zoals jouw echt een fashion addict en weet ook maar weinig van cosmetica. Het enige dat ik weet is dat ik het zo natuurlijk mogelijk wil houden en graag duurzame producten gebruik.

    Een contour lesje lijkt me dan ook echt super handig!
    Vintageandbeauty onlangs geplaatst…NorthShade- BC vs Vintageandbeauty #2My Profile

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