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Fashion blog Melis
i sweeties, how were we feeling today! I’m enjoy my time to the fullest in Dubai. Today we going to the beach, love it! Well it’s tuesday so her is a new blogger spotlight. This time I will introduce you to Melissa Hardendood from the blog Fashion Blog Melis. Melissa write about fashion and beauty.  Melissa started her blog in May and would love to inspire others girls. Well let’s get to know her a bit better…


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1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi guys! I am Melissa Hardendood and i’m 24 years old. I started blogging in May this year. The name of my blog is I have a boyfriend for four years now. I’m working with little children. I’m kind of a nanny at their parents home. I’m doing this tree times a week and it’s kind of exhausting! Haha

2. What was the reason why you started your blog?
I really like to look good, because when you look good, you feel good. I just wanted to inspire other people so the can feel good to. Sometimes you just need some inspiration and i thought it’s really cool to be that for other people.

3. How would you describe your clothing style?
Oh my that’s really difficult! Haha. I think it’s a combination of tough and girly. I like both you know! I like high waisted jeans with a crop top and some sneakers.. But i also like a dress with panty and some killer heels.

4. How do you keep coming up with material for you blog?
Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the good ideas. To buy something new is the best part, because you want to show it to other people. But you can’t always buy something new. So i look on instragram for inspiration. If i find a look that is really cool, i’m picking the same items from my wardrobe or something that looks like it. And sometimes i just wanted to show something i already have in my wardrobe, and make a outfit around it.

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5. What are your favorite brand and shops?
I’m really really really fan of H&M… It’s cheap but they still have a lot of cool items.. I must say.. I always shop online at H&M because in store i never find something i really like. I also like Vero Moda, Only, The Sting, and Zara.

6. What’s now on you wish list?
I’ve always something on my wishlist.. But someday i really want a Chanel Boy Bag! I think every girl wants it. I also want a grey coat for winter, but i haven’t find the right one. A dior sunglasses would be very nice to!

7. Who are you favorite bloggers?
I really like Lisakindoffashion. Maybe you haven’t heard from here yet but i really like her style because it’s really like my own style. I also like the style from Laura Ponticorvo, Kenza, Negin Mirsalehi, Lisa Germaneau, Brittamaxime.

8. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
Keep to your own style and feel comfortable. If you feel great, people will see that on your photo’s and it’s much more fun to look at. When you start your own blog, you have to do it because you like it a lot and not because you want a lot of followers or present from brands or collaborations with brands. I fit does happened it’s great! So my tip is.. Have Fun!

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Do you like Melissa’s style and blog just like I do? Follow her! See links for social media canals underneath!


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