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Amsterdam fashionweek, the fashion madness started last thursday. Amsterdam turn into a fashion Walhalla and I love it! I prefer to go al days, but I don’t live in Amsterdam so I decided to go only one day. I love to see all the outfits from people and of course the shows. Especially the show from Alexandra Frida. I really love her designs, actually I was wearing an outfit from Alexandra. Monday I will show you the look or go to my Instagram where I already posted a picture.

In cooperation with Eye Wish Opticiens, Alexandra Frida presented her fall/winter 2017 collection ‘Scherezade‘. Inspired by the fairy-tale Arabian Nights. Alexandra’s source of inspiration is the character Scheherazade, the mysterious Persian Queen who every evening tells a story with an open end to her husband.

The collection consist of the colors black, gold, red and pink. The iconic feather print, which plays an important role in the work of Alexandra Frida, is also reflected in the fall/winter 2017 collection. This print is a symbol of the power and confidence that women give wings to dreams.

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