Insta Diary | August

Insta diary august
ood evening, a very late update post! Lately I’m a bit out of my routine. This is because I still didn’t find my dream job and because of that I’m totally out of my daily normal schedule with everything. I got lazier dan normal. I really hope I found soon a job, because i’m so done with it.

Okay but this evening an Insta diary of the last 3 weeks. I will start posting these Insta diarys weekly, because a lot of events are coming up. Beside that I think it would be fun to do this every week.

The last 3 weeks I did a lot of awesome things. I went to two big events like the food experience/Sail Amsterdam with Sperry and the ECCO Soft 7 event. The event with Sperry was so fun. We stayed at the Sir Albert hotel in Amsterdam, got a 9-course dinner from Edwin Sander, spoiled with new Sperry’s and a great day at Sail Amsterdam. I was there with blogger babes Ashlee, Jennie and Frederique. Had really a blast with them and now we trying to do an awesome project together. When everything works out I will tell your more about it. At the ECCO event I finally reunited with my blogger babe Virgit. It was so nice to see her again. Last weekend I went with Kevin and his friends to the Efteling. For me it was really 6 or 7 years ago I went to that theme park. It was really fun, unfortunately that day very busy. But i went in all the acctraction that I wanted to do so I’m not complaining, haha. The new roller coaster ‘The Baron‘ was awesome. I love scary roller coaster. How faster and higher the better it is.

Of course I had some fun shooting days with May. Every Monday when I’m working at ilovefashionbloggers it’s shooting time. I got spoiled by Cluse, ZeroUV, The Body Shop, Beadsbyromy and Clinique with great gifts. I had dinner by La Cubanita with Justine, went to Haarlem to see my friend and Julie her beautiful baby girl and had a B-day from old colleague from the Jaarbeurs at a Food Festival in Utrecht.

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Have nice Sunday! PS: You can Still enter my Crocs giveaway! This Wednesday I will pronounce the winner on FB. Oh and follow me on snapchat ‘wendyvsoest’.
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  1. Wilmke
    6 september 2015 / 20:37

    Aw meid, moed houden hè! Je vindt heus snel iets 😉 Jammer dat je vandaag niet bij Paul’s Boutique was, was erg leuk 🙂
    x Wilmke

    • 6 september 2015 / 20:47

      Thanks Wilmke! Ja vond ik ook erg jammer, maar doordat ik dus geen werk heb kan ik helaas niet zo vaak met de NS reizen. Moet dus keuzes maken qua events. Maar heb er vertrouwen in dat het snel goed komt. Jij heb je dus prima vermaakt? Fijn om te horen! Het zag er erg gezellig uit en volgens mij hebben jullie een super mooie tas gekregen 🙂
      Wendy onlangs geplaatst…Insta Diary | August My Profile

  2. 7 september 2015 / 22:25

    Snap wat je bedoeld meid! Heb hetzelfde probleem op het moment, maar met jou komt het zeker weten goed hoor en je blog vind ik nog steeds top! Hopelijk tot snel weer!

    groetjes xxxx Nadia
    Nadia onlangs geplaatst…Hotel W Wetdeck PartyMy Profile

  3. 8 september 2015 / 21:56

    Wat een lekkere drukke tijden zeg! Maar gevuld met allemaal leuke dingen zo te zien. En yay voor weekly diaries!
    Merel onlangs geplaatst…DIARY [WEEK 35 + 36]My Profile

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