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Hi my blogreaders ;-), how is your weekend so far? My weekend started good!!!
Friday i organize a Cabana HomePartie. A friend is working for Cabana so i thought wy not at my home. Probable you are thinking what’s a Cabana Homepartie, well it’s a tupperware-party. That means quality time with your girlfriends and a nice relaxt evening at home. The assortment of Cabana is about Spa, Wellness and care of skin products.

It was a entertaining evening and ik will recommend it to every girl!!!!
I buy the Cabana coconut sugar scrub and the eyegel. Because i was the hostess of the evening i get a 10%  discount off the total profit from the consultant. So i buy also the shaving-foam of Cabana ;-).
For the dutch girls:
Lijkt het jullie leuk om ook zo gezellige meidenavond te organiseren KLIK DAN HIER.
Woon je toevallig in de omgeving Utrecht neem dan contact op met Masja Versteegen.
Cabana HomeParties:
Masja Versteegen


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