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Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 winter12

Morning! This week it will all about MBFWA on the blog. I will start with the show of Tony Cohen. My favorite designer with always gorgeous collections. It was look like I couldn’t see the show this time, because it was already full. But lucky for me Sharon had a +1. So thank you babe! <3

Tony Cohen did not disappoint me because his collection was gorgeous. Tony’s used a lot of lace and leather which gives the looks a lot of sexiness. He purposely left dresses open, used cut outs on shoulders, elbows and hips as slits were high and cleavages low. Once again Kim Feenstra and Ovo Drenth (Dutch famous models) where the lead models of the show. Last season Tony Cohen introduce his menswear collection. This F/W the menswear collection formed a perfect parallel for the womenswear designs, being open and revealing too, yet in a different way.

I’m a big fan of lace, because it make an outfit really sexy but in a classy kinda way. So you can understand I was really trilt about this collection. Oh and I need those leather socks in my life!

To give you an impression I made so pictures for you from the show. Let me know what you think about this collection and which one is your favorite item? Enjoy!

Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 9Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015c11Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 22Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 21Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 29Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 17Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 26Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 10Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 5Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 28Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 14Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 16Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 18Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 19Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 20Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 11Tony Cohen - MBFWA 2015 27

Have a nice day sweeties! Wish me luck because I have a job interview this afternoon. It’s a job that I really want so I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. Fingers crossed!!


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