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Hi sweeties! I’m sorry I didn’t post this morning! Yesterday I was to tired after the Bristol Bloggers event to wright a post. Beside that last weekend I couldn’t shoot some outfit pictures because of the rain. Still I wanted show you something beautifuls. It’s from Dutch Basics.

Dutch Basics is a label founded by the beautiful Dóris Pires. She created this exclusive ethical fashion design brand where her passion for beautiful materials and designs turned into creating beautiful jewellery and bags. The products are made in Portugal where she follows the whole process personally from the beginning to end. The ethical fashion design concept of Dutch Basic consists of believing in nurturing talent, creating inspiring design and believing in smart fashion. A beautiful part of Dutch Basics is that they create collections in collaboration with young inspiring designers. Dutch Basics stands for timeless Dutch Design. To incorporate this idea into their brand, they offer every season a small, new and talented designer an exclusive platform. The collections are all inspired by Dutch themes and each collection has it’s own story. To expand this beautiful project, they started a crowdfunding campaign where you will be able to help & provide talented Dutch designers to develop further. You can do this by getting your own beautiful piece. Or a better idea might be to get it for that special person for Christmas. You can see & get all the products on

I saw that my blogger friend FormulaFarah also has this necklace. She already wright a post about it. She explains everything so well that I copied the text from her. So the credits of the writing part is for Farah.

I really love this necklace and best thing it’s for a good cause! What do you think?

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