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Good morning! How are you feeling today? Am great! I have one more day of and finally a new outfit post on FabulousStyleWS. Wooohhh! Haha sorry, but am so happy I can blog again :).

I started my trip in Bangkok and also ended in Bangkok. So my first outfit post I shoot in Bangkok. One of my last day’s I meet Michelle for the blog Mforfashion. I followed Michelle already for a long time on Instagram. We saw that we both where in Bangkok so a shoot date was planned fast. The world look big, but actually it’s a small world after all. ;). It was nice to meet Michelle such a sweet girl! Actually last friday we already had our second shoot date. I think this is a begin of a new friendship! :).

But about the outfit! Of course I bought some new clothes in Bangkok. Where? ZARA! Yep I’m a ZARA addicted, I know ;P. When I saw this sweet pink skirt and sheer top I know I had to have it. And the shoes! Yeah that was love at first side. Actually I bought this at the beginning of my trip. The whole time I had to carry the shoes. (I didn’t had space for it #lol) But I didn’t care! Like I told you it was love at first side, haha. Don’t you agree? We shoot those pictures nearby the street Kho San Road. We choose a nasty alley, well and this is the result. Later we shoot some pictures by a Tuk-Tuk (Taxi). That is a typical Thaise transport.  Everywhere you will see them and they are very cheap. Best way to bring you from A till B. When Michelle was shooting some pictures a Squirrel was falling out a tree. Really next to Michelle, almost on her. But that poor squirrel fell hard. Cars and scooters where everywhere. I was screaming take please the squirrel!!! to the taxi drivers, because the cars and scooters almost drive over him. It was a damn lucky squirrel because every time the missed him. I think I could never sleep again when I saw that poor animal under a car or scooter. Lucky we could saved him, well the taxi drivers because Michelle and I where only screaming haha. They lay the squirrel back at the tree and later he climb up again. So I hope he survived and don’t feel anything of the fall. 

On more thing I want to say about the pictures is it’s gave me a really SATC vibe! So SATC in Bangkok instead of NY :).
Tell me what do you think of this outfit? And glad I’m back? 🙂
Click on ‘Read More‘ for the whole look!
Sheer top – Zara (similar here)
Pink Skirt  Zara (Buy here)
Heels – Zara (Buy here)
Bag – Market Bangkok (Similar here
Pearl necklace/bracelet – Zara
Have a nice day sweeties! 

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  1. 7 juli 2014 / 06:49

    Love your photos with the tuktuk. I’ve never been to Bangkok before, but it’s definitely in my bucket list!

    ♥ Gita @ mimiandchichi.com

  2. 7 juli 2014 / 08:11

    Mooie outfit op een prachtige locatie, leuk die pastel kleurige rok! Zag je trouwens lopen bij i love fashionbloggers event!

  3. 7 juli 2014 / 08:44

    Wat een mooie outfit ! Ik vind je top en je schoenen echt heel erg mooi ! X

  4. 7 juli 2014 / 14:10

    I love your photos and sense of style!! The sheer panels on your top are just perfect. I love how you paired it with a pastel skirt for a more feminine look. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!



  5. 7 juli 2014 / 15:46

    Prachtige outfit! Erg mooie foto’s ook, goede omgeving ervoor!

  6. 7 juli 2014 / 18:54

    Zara for the win!
    Loved the pictures, you look beautiful, the background is awesome and I’m in love with that pink skirt!

  7. 8 juli 2014 / 13:35

    Wat een mooie outfit en ook hele leuke locatie! En arm eekhoorntje! Ik zou ook helemaal in paniek raken! x

  8. 8 juli 2014 / 15:14

    Wat een toffe outfit en foto’s, dat rokje is prachtig! 🙂

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