Outfit | Silvestre Etienne & Idiot du Village

Morning! Today I want to show you a few new items. My new sneakers from Silvestre Etienne and collar from Idiot du Village. The sneakers are handmade in Portugal and is developed by two Dutch guys, Steven Olsthoorn and Silvio Vermeer. The sneaker is a combination of a classic shoes and sporty sneaker. I choose for the ivory-white model. I combined it with a jeans and sweater, very casuel. You might would think i’m wearing a blouse under my sweater, but it’s only a collor. Founder Carlijn came with this crazy but cleaver idea. With her collors you will created that classic French look.

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Sweater – Zara, CollarIdiot du Village*, Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger, SneakersSilvestre Etienne*, BagValantinohandbag*, NecklaceNames4ever*

Have a nice day!

Photography by Saar


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