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i sweeties, keeping it short because i’m in Barcelona :). Follow me on Insta stories or snapchat to see my adventures with May and Jennie in Barca.

A couple weeks ago I showed you an outfit with the high profile shoes from VanHaren. Today I will show you a new look from the trends weeks of the VanHaren campaign. It’s the Dandy look! This is one of my favorite outfits, because it’s classy but modern and urban at the same time, exactly how I feel about the shoes. Well let me know in a comment what you think of this look.dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-11dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-32dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-35dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-1dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-20dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-30 dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-34 dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-15dandy-vanharen-wendy-van-soest-25

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BlouseLoftyManner*, Pants- Loavies*, ShoesVanHaren*, BagRaff bags*

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