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appy Valentines Day, sweeties! Your hate it or love it! A day for couples to show them there love for each other. Also a good day for the shops either. For single girls, just like myself the idea of Valentine can be rather daunting. Everywhere you look you see love couples, heart shaped candy, flowers and mans buying some sexy lingerie for there girlfriend. (Yesterday I saw a few men in the Hunkermoller (lingerie shop) shopping, hihi). I be honest, I think Valentine’s day is to commercial. Why do you have to show your love this day. When you are a couple you have to do that every day. Okay I don’t mean you have to give everyday a present, but a nice whatsapp messages, some sweet words or how you look to each other will be sufficient. And of course a present to show your love is always nice, but than on a day when you didn’t expected.

BUT! Woman are complicated. Because we know it’s to commercial but yet we hope to get something on that special love day. Also when you decided with the boy to do nothing about it. And the single girls, yes also me are hoping for a secret admirer. Yes, woman are weird!

I just want to say to everyone have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Enjoy it with you men! And for the single girls just some reasons why alone is not so bad on February 14th.

* This V-day you can treat yourself to exactly what you want, like a cute set of pajamas and not another impractical and let’s face it uncomfortable lingerie included cutouts, suspenders and garters.
* You can eat what you want, when you want and however much you want. This day it’s allowed and you don’t have to share your dessert. Show me one person who actually enjoys sharing dessert.
* You get to choose what to watch on tv/netflix.
* You have the bed all for yourself. No snoring, no pulling of the sheets and you can lay where ever YOU want.

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Have a nice day sweeties!


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  1. 14 februari 2015 / 17:07

    Leuke post & supermooie foto’s Wendy! En je hebt wel gelijk: ik heb stiekem een hekel aan Valentijnsdag en mijn vriendin en ik hebben dan ook besloten er niets aan te doen. Tóch stond ik vanochtend vroeg in de keuken om een ei in de vorm van een hartje voor haar te bakken… Te afschuwelijk voor woorden, maar daardoor ook wel weer heel grappig.

    Saskia | Former Parades onlangs geplaatst…Tough chickMy Profile

  2. 15 februari 2015 / 23:14

    Ben het wel eens met je! Te commercieel en mijn vriend en ik zijn het stadium wel voorbij waarbij we helemaal uitpakken met valentijnsdag, maar vind het toch altijd wel iets hebben (yes, women are complicated). Superleuke outfit heb je aan trouwens!

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