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Good Morning! Today I will show you a view helpful plugins for your website when you used WordPress. What is a plugin? A plugin is a feature on WordPress that allows bloggers to optimize and customize their websites. With the best plugins you can design the website what you want.

After you choose a WordPress theme for your new website you can tweak it to your personality with one of the several thousands of plugins that WordPress has to offer. You don’t need to hire a designer to customize your new website and you don’t need to learn how to code. If you want to add new features to your website such as photos from Pinterest or your Twitter feed all you have to do is download and install a plugin.


Underneath I will show you a view plugins that will make you website better and more importantly your own. Those plugins are all free!

1. Google Analytics. 
This was one of the first plugins I installed on my blog.The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin allows you to track your blog easily and with lots of metadata. Two weeks ago I write a whole article about Google Analytics, click here.

2. Aboutimizer
The Aboutimizer allows you to easily add an about me widget to any sidebar/widgetized area. You can add a title, a description and upload an image. You can choose any of the image sizes that your theme supports. With this plugin you introduce yourself on your website.

2. CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a sharing plugin. It allows people who leave comments on your blog to show their most recent posts along with their name and comment. It’s a great way to discover new blogs and encourage sharing. I love leaving comments on blogs with CommentLuv.

3. WordPress SEO
This super simple plugin makes it easy for anyone to find your blog on search engines through keywords. It will rank your blog content and let you know if it is being optimized for search engines. It’s a great way to attract new readers who are searching the web.

4. Replyme
This plugin keeps you in the know with what’s happening on your blog. It allows you to reply to comments on your blog through the WordPress dashboard or with the mobile app. When you reply to a comment it sends and email to the original commenter to let them know they have an answer. It keeps the conversation going on your blog – and we all want that.

5. Shareaholic
This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. If you have ever read a blog post you’ve probably seen this plugin. It allows your content to be shared with just the click of a button. It’s customizable and it gets your content out into the space.

6. WP Touch or WordPress Mobile Pack
These plugins display your blog in a mobile-friendly platform. It makes your blog accessible to everyone, anywhere at any time through their phones and other mobile devices. In 2014 this plugin is a must have.

7. Editorial Calendar
Very handy plugin. It helps plan content publishing topics and dates. I use to write down ideas with a pen and paper, but now I plan. This plugin lets you see any gaps in the content schedule as well as change dates and plan for the future. This plugin is blog organization at it’s best.

8. WordPress Complete Backup Plugin
This plugin protects your blog just in case something goes wrong. If your blog crashes or gets hacked this backup will save your blog life because it restores the blog to its pre-crisis states.

9. Akismet
Spammers stay away with this plugin. This plugin catches almost any spam comment made on your blog and filters it out of your comments.

10. Broken Line Checker
Building up organic links to your blog is a key component of successful search engine optimization. However, if your links are broken they do not provide any use, for you or those you are linking to in a post or page. An essential tool for bloggers, this plugin monitors your blog to find broken links. If it finds broken links, it lets you know so that you can go in and fix them! Genius, right? It looks through all the aspects of your blog and you have the option on whether or not to be notified via the dashboard or via email if any broken links are found. It will even allow you to prevent search engines from following your broken links.

11. Genesis Simple Hooks
If you are running your blog on the Genesis platform then this plugin will change your life! Simple Hooks allows you to insert code into any of the 50 action hooks in the Genesis platform. With this use of this plugin you can skip hours of time spent in your theme file. You might even save some money by not hiring a designer to do the coding needed.

13. Auto Pin it Button
Auto Pin It Button adds a “Pin It” button to your blog posts automatically, so the readers can pin it to Pinterest quickly!

14. Contact form 7
With this plugin it’s easily to add a contact form to your website. People can leave at an easy way they name and question behind. You will get an email of it.

15. Instagram Slide Widget
Very handy when you are an Instagram addicted like me. Instagram Slider Widget will show you latest Instagram pictures on the blog.

This are my top 15 plugins for WordPress. Of course there are many more and every time I discover new and handy plugins. But I think these plugins what I describe are the basics., helpful and it will personalized your website.

Which plugins do you used? Missed I something? Please tell me :).



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