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Morning! Today a different post than usual. A few weeks ago I already showed you on Instagram a sneak peek of a new project I’m working on. A friend (also colleague) just started with two other friends a webshop where the sells ties ‘Cravatio‘. They asked me to do the photography for the website of the shop. Maybe you didn’t know but I really love photography and for a changes it was nice to be not in front of the camera. We really shoot a lot of pictures and they turn out very well. Yes, proud! Haha.

Because the pictures turn out really amazing I wanted to use it as well for my blog. I never post man fashion before, but hey for everything there is a first time.

First let me introduce you Cravatio.

Cravatio founded by three young entrepreneurs (Simon, Victor & Rene) with the goal to bring the tie and bows back on the streets. The gentleman’s want to achieve this by combining Italian craftsmanship with hip Dutch design. The collection what you can find on the website, HERE is from the brand Pelliano. In the furtur it is intended to produces the crocheted ties and bows by them self.

So ladies! With Christmas and for the Dutchies Sinterklaas around the corner this will be a perfect gift for your men. We all want that our man look sophisticated, right? And it’s a big excuse to see him in a suite and we all do love that! Well at least I do!

I’m curious about your opinion of this post! And did your like the photo’s? Las thing! Can I asked from you a (big) favor? Can you like the  Facebook page of Cravatio? You would make me  very happy and of course the three handsome owners of Cravatio!

Cravatio1 Cravatio10 - Victor Cravatio9 - VictorCravatio2kopie Cravatio8 -S imonCravatio6 - SimonSimon - Cravatio29Cravatio3kopie Cravatio7 - Rene  Rene - Cravatio15Rene - Cravatio22Cravatio - groeps3

Have a nice day!!


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  1. Sharon (
    13 november 2014 / 00:29

    Heel leuk gedaan Wendy! De foto’s zijn heel mooi geworden!

    Die knitted tie is best wel grappig : p

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