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Hi sweeties! Last week I had the chance to meet the lovely team from Gin Mare. An afternoon of tasting different delicious Gin Mare cocktails with great company of fellow bloggers in bar Snappers Amsterdam. Of course this meeting was for a special reason. Gin Mare start the campaign ‘Detox with Gin Mare‘.

If you look around, you will see everyone with a mobile phone. It’s almost impossible to live without a phone. It’s your alarm clock, agenda, checking emails, updating social media accounts, friends calling or texting. You actually can concluded that we are obsessed with it. I’m guilty too. It’s my everything . I wake up with it and go to bed with it. Gin Mare told us, people check their phones 150 times a day. WOW! That’s a lot. But it’s true. For example when you are traveling by train you will see almost everyone with their phone. Or when you are sitting in a restaurant with friends, 8 out of 10 will check their phone. Yes! we are becoming addicted without even realizing it.

Thats’ why Gin Mare decided to create the first luxurious technology detox center, the Daycare for Mobile Phones. The Daycare opens up on September 11th in the luxurious Villa Mare in Ibiza and will be totally free of charge. Participants wanting to kick their technology addiction will be able to come to Ibiza to reconnect with the beauty and pleasures of offline life with a range of de-stressing activities like yoga, meditation, dance and the purest mediterranean diet. Disconnect to connect with life!

How does it works? First enrol at and wait for Gin Mare to send you the technology stress kit, a detox compartment for your mobil and a personalised hashtag. Plan your detox carefully and spend 72 hours without your mobile phone! Friends can support you to send messages via your personalized hashtag on Twitter and via the Daycare website.

The winners who will get to go to the opening weekend of the detox center in Ibiza, are the ones who survive the 72-hour period without their phones and received the most messages on both the Daycare website and on Twitter.

That’s awesome not? A detox weekend in IBIZA! I’m in! It will be hard, because I’m a blogger, my phone is not only for private matters but for work as well. Next Saturday I will give this a try. IBIZA is a good motivation. Please support me by sending me sweet messages on Twitter and the Daycare website. Saturday I will announce my personal hashtag.

If you are going to give it a try, please let me know than we can support each other! PS: You can participate till 25th June.

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Have a nice wednesday!
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