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How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest
After a couple weeks of bad blogging I’m back! From now everyday there will be a post online around 07:00 AM. Pinkie promise!  Every wednesday I’m planning to write an article to give you guys some tips and advice which will help with your blogging game. I did this already in the past, but I quite with it because a lot of bloggers was already doing this. I was scared that everyone thought I was a copycat, haha. But I really like to write articles like this. For ilovefashionbloggers I (and the team) did this a lot with positive result. So here we go!

Today’s article is dedicated to give you great tips how to make your Instagram feed awesome! Many of you ask me about how I edit my pictures on Instagram. Well today I tell you my secret. I will show you how I edit my Instagram pictures step by step.

PS: I use an iPhone so I really don’t know of those options and apps are available for other androids.

1. Iphone filter
When I make pictures with my iPhone I always us the filter ‘to fade‘. This filter is already on your iPhone. I think this filter makes every picture perfect.

2. Afterlight
For €0,99 you can download the app in the iTunes store.
fterlight is my best friend. It’s make every picture better. When I edit my pictures for Instagram I always use the same filters and editing. The reason why I do this is because I want my feed clean, inspirational and pretty. If you gonna use different type of filters and colors your feed can become super messy.

I begin with the brightness. I want my feed clean and white as possible. Most of the time I go for the 100%, but you have to play with it. Every picture is different so you have to see what works best.

How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest 1
Than I add some contrast at the picture. Again you have to see what works best for the picture. I love to use Clarify, but that’s not always possible on every picture. Like you can see it was not working out on this picture. How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest 3
Than I’m gonna add some filter. I always us the serie ‘GUEST‘ and use three filters ‘NICO, ‘RUSS’ & ‘LEILA‘ and than as low as possible, 1 or 2
How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest 4
The result. You already can see the different, but we are not done!
How I edit my Instagram pictures 15
3. Facetune
For €3,99 you can download this app in the iTunes store. facetune
Facetune is an app that lets you smooth, blur, and amp certain features of your face or hair. I use it most of the time to make my background whiter, what you can see in the images. You only have to swipe with your finger on the place what you want whiter. You can zoom in or out to make it easier.  How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest 5-
n the picture you can see a spot what is darker. That’s was where the wall ends and unfortunately you can see it on the picture. Thank go there is Facetune. With the patch function you can copy area’s close by. So the I place the white background on the darker spot and tadaa it’s white.

I’m happy with the result and can post it now on my Instagram. Sometimes I use the function details for my eyes. It will make your eyes brighter but be careful to make it not to intense. Beside details I love to use the smooth function. It can make your face a lot better, but again don’t overdo it. For this picture both was not necessary. How I edit my Instagram pictures - Wendy van Soest 5
nd this is the result! In 5 a 7 minutes you can make your picture Instagram ready! How I edit my Instagram pictures 24

Marianna Hewitt explain in a video how she use Facetune! Because of her I’m using Facetune, so thank you Marianna for the tip!

The above points is my strategy for Instagram which will not work for everyone. A Instagram feed is very personal, but I really hope this was helpful and gives your some idea’s how to use those apps. Let me know in a comment  which apps you used and what you think of this post.

Have a nice day sweeties!


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  1. 6 januari 2016 / 12:28

    Jaaa ik ben ook aan het ‘poetsen’ geslagen hahah 😉
    Marion onlangs geplaatst…InstagramMy Profile

  2. 6 januari 2016 / 12:54

    Thanks for the tips! Al heeft mijn voorkeur toch gewoon photoshop in plaats van rommelen op mijn iphone. Al is dit wel handiger als je je computer niet bij de hand hebt! Lfs Josine
    Josine onlangs geplaatst…favoriete uitverkoopjeMy Profile

  3. 6 januari 2016 / 12:58

    Hele goede tips! Ik bewerk nog niet zo veel en met heel simpele programma’s, dit is super handig om te lezen 🙂

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