Tips | How To Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Blog

How To Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Blog
Instagram my favorite social media tool. It’s fun and easy, but it’s also a very powerful tool for businesses. Instagram have the opportunity to build new audiences for your blog with result growing of your blog. It’s a easy tool to promote your blog on a creative and fun way. In today’s blogpost I will give your 5 tips ‘How to drive traffic from Instagram to your blog‘.

1. Link in your bio
The only place on Instagram where you can place a clickable link is in your bio. Take advantage of this and add your website url. A frustrating aspect of the Instagram bio link is that when someone clicks on this link to go to your website, Google Analytics tracks this as direct traffic, not referral traffic from Instagram. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to see how much traffic you’re actually getting from Instagram.

The way around this is to use a trackable link in the bio. You can use a link which will allow you to see how many clicks that link has received. That way you can actually see how much traffic you’ve sent to your site. Just make sure that this link is exclusively used on Instagram so you don’t have skewed results. See video how to do this.

2. Remind people of the existence of your blog
When you post a picture on Instagram just remind people of your blog. If you post an outfit on Instagram and you made a blog post about it, let them know. Example: ‘For more pictures or information go to my website (link in bio). Easy peasy!  Always keep spreading the word, because not every follower will be aware of your blog. But don’t overdo it! Otherwise t will be spamming and that’s really annoying.

3. Use a teaser
It’s a fact. A lot of people (including yours truly) use Instagram to keep up-dated by their favorite bloggers. If you already see an outfit (with tags of the brands) on Instagram why should you go to their blog? Your traffic would go down because people feel like they’ve seen it all. Lucky you can avoid this. Just show only a detail shot of your outfit and write a teaser with it such as ‘find out how I combine this sweater by checking out my blog’. Or place a picture of your shoes and write a caption as ‘I just went to the hair dresser and have a major change, curious? Just check out my blog. Most likely you will see an increasing amount of traffic coming in from Instagram.

4. Use appealing images
You want to connect with Instagram users so make sure your images are top quality. Instagram is an amazing way to showcase your blog. You have to make it people’s worth while and become people’s priority to visit your blog and put time in that.

5. Engaging
Just like with all other social networks, engagement is very important on Instagram. The more you engage with other users by liking their photos, following them and leaving comments, the more they will engage with you in return; which, in turn, will lead to more followers and therefore more traffic.

I hope those tips where helpful! I’m very curious to hear what your top traffic sources for your blog are!
Have a once day!

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  1. 2 maart 2016 / 11:37

    So I have to follow as many people as I can in Instagram and I will receive more engagements?

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