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i sweeties! Fashion week is over in the Netherlands, but today I still wanna talk about Fashion Week on the blog. I know a lot of bloggers (especially the beginners) have the goal to attended shows on Fashion Week. I thought it would be fun to share my experience how you will get invite to Fashion Week. Let’s start!

1. Study the program for Fashion Week and find the right contact.
This one is easy! Get familiar with the shows and the designers, but than it get’s difficult. Find the right contact for the shows you wanted to attend. Almost every country where fashion week will take place have his own website. Amsterdam it’s On this site you can see the program of the shows and events. Most of the time you can find the email address from the contact person of the designers or PR agencies who represent them. Send them an introduce email and just ask of you can attend the show. Also, if online research fails, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! It sounds archaic but it’s sometimes the fastest route to getting what you need. You already have a NO so you have nothing to lose!.

2. PR agencies 
If you are a blogger you probably be familiar with some PR Agencies. Those connections are really important for a blogger. When you are on the PR list and work a lot with them you will get invitations for some shows. PR agencies connections are very important. If you not familiar with PR agencies, just send them an introduction mail. I write also an article about ‘How to get invites for events‘. Here I explain how you can reach out to PR Agencies.

3. Introduce yourself
If you send an introduce email it’s important to describe what your blog is about, and list your stats, including traffic, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other pertinent numbers. Also let them know (briefly) what coverage ideas you might have, any previous experience you have covering fashion, and send links to previous posts you’ve written about shows or the brand. Keep it short but informative.

Some don’ts: Don’t drop names (even if Chiara ferragni is your best friend, it will come off as tacky), don’t request a +1, don’t exaggerate your traffic, and don’t request a front row seat.

4. Don’t give up.
If you don’t get any or many invites, don’t be discouraged. My first Amsterdam Fashion Week I only had one show. But what I did than was to show up early for other shows. I introduce myself at the press desk and of there maybe some tickets are available. Most of the time it was working, because they don’t want an empty room.  If they say no, at least you’re at the venue and you can write up a post about the street style and setting of the event.

5. Post your fashion week posts. 
Try to post it as soon as possible while people have fashion week on the brain (and in their search terms). Send your posts around not only to your own social networks, but to the publicists who sent you the invites.They may not have time to respond, but they might share it themselves, which means more traffic back to your site! Whether they respond or not, they will likely note that your invitation resulted in coverage, and you’ll be more likely to be on the list for next season.

Have a nice day!

image found on Garance Dore


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  1. 20 januari 2016 / 13:10

    wat een goeie tips! ik wil namelijk graag eens uitgenodigd worden voor AFW
    alexa onlangs geplaatst…JoyMy Profile

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