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Hi sweeties! Lately I get a lot of questions how I get invites to press events and to PR related things. So I decided to write an article about it. I will take you back 3,5 years ago when I started and how I got notice in this beautiful but crazy bloggers world.  I hope it will helps you on your blogger adventure. Let’s start!

1. Follow fellow bloggers
I knew nothing about blogging when I started. The solution for this is to check out other blogs. This is really helpful to get to know the bloggersworld. You will probably see pictures of events that they attend and brands they represent. Follow and like those brands and PR Agencies (bloggers usually tag them). Hopefully the agencies and brands will notice you and maybe it could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

2. Reach out to PR Agency 
After my research by other bloggers I got familiar with the PR Agency in Holland. I write down the names and went to their website. I found quickly the contact button and send them an email. Don’t be scared for this! Just introduce yourself and tell something about your blog. See this as a quick hello and a good way to let them know you exist. In the end of the mail you can ask if it’s possible to get on their press list. You will received press mails about their brand and maybe some invitations to events. When you notice that your blog is growing send them again your new information. Then you have more changes to get invites to events

3. Blogger friends
I know their are a lot of bloggers out there. Unfortunately a lot will see you as their competitor, please don’t see it like that. The World Wide Web is big and their will be place for everyone. Just help each other out! I always say you are stronger together than alone. Reach out to fellow bloggers. Do some shootings together and just meet up. It’s so nice to meet someone with the same interest. Beside that you can ask each other for some advice or tips. Maybe he/she is already familiar with some PR Agency and can introduce you to them. Sometimes it’s possible to bring a +1 to an event, than you can go together. HELLO, team up!!

4. Networking. 
A couple times in the year PR Agency’s will organized press events for their relations to see their new collections. When you just started this is very important to build on your network. If you did step 2 hopefully they already invited you to stop by. Otherwise you can always ask of you are aloud to visit the showroom. Believe me face-to-face meetings are so helpful. It’s always better to meet someone in person and to show your personality in ‘real life’.

5. Make your blog PR friendly
We are talking how hard it is to come in touch with PRs, but make sure that doesn’t happened with you! You probably know I’m working at ilovefashionbloggers. Last monday or baby sister is born ‘Influentials Network‘. With this new platform we want to connect brands and bloggers together for some nice cooperations. Every blogger that I know I will send an email to tell about our network, but i’m very surprise that by some bloggers it’s really hard to find their email. It’s really frustrated for me that I can’t contact you. This can cost you a lot of nice opportunity’s. When you use an contact form that’s great, but please mention your email address. Maybe brands/PRs would love to send you an invite or cooperation proposal include with an attachment. With an contact form is that not possible. Trust me a lot of invites are with an attachment.

Hope this helped some of you  out! Be sure to leave any of your own tips in the comments section for other people reading. Also, I’d love to know your thoughts about this.

Have a nice day!
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  1. 28 oktober 2015 / 16:32

    It look like the link for the influentials network is not working? I get a blank page?
    Annette onlangs geplaatst…Beugelbekkie #3My Profile

  2. 28 oktober 2015 / 19:35

    Zo waar! Veel bloggers zien elkaar als concurrentie terwijl dat je eigenlijk net collega’s bent. Ik vind het ook altijd tof om anderen te leren kennen en elkaar te helpen. Dus als er mensen daar interesse voor hebben 😉 Je kan mij altijd vinden via mijn website. Het sturen van mailtjes naar grote PR bureau’s vind ik iets minder tof, maar héy dat komt nog wel. Tof dat je dit deelde!
    StephanieSmolders onlangs geplaatst…Healthy water in a cupMy Profile

  3. 28 oktober 2015 / 20:15

    Bedankt voor je nuttige tips! Ik kreeg vorige week mijn eerste mailtje van een uitgeverij; of ik een recensie exemplaar wilde ontvangen. Trots dat ik was (en ben)!

  4. 29 oktober 2015 / 15:13

    Fijne tips! Hoop dat ik ze kan gebruiken voor mijn blog. Ik voel me al snel opdringerig als ik mensen ga mailen. Maar misschien moet ik me daar gewoon over heen zetten!
    Noortje Wijckmans onlangs geplaatst…AMERICA: SMALL UPDATEMy Profile

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