Tips | How to make an Autumn Cocktail with Southern Comfort

i sweeties! Today I will give you a recipe to make a delicious autumn cocktail with Southern Comfort. Last weekend I was invited by INK hotel to join a cocktail workshop in the pressroom bar. How fun is that? That was not the only thing. Six other  influencers and I got the challenge to make an autumn cocktail with a secret ingredient. The best cocktail will served a month long in the pressroom bar at the INK Hotel. A challenge I wanted to win! So let’s start!

What do you need:
*Sugar water
*Southern Comfort

How to make it:
*Half a shot glass of protein
*Half a lemon (a shot glass of lemon juice)
*50 cl Southern Comfort
*1/4 (or 1/2 if you like sweet) sugar water
You can make sugar water by yourself. It’s really easy. 1 liter water, 500gr sugar and lemon juice. Boiled till you don’t see the sugar anymore.
*A lot of ice. (shaken until ice is completely liquid)
Pour out with  a strainer in the glass so that the ice cubes will not fall in the glass.
*For the taste, which was also my secret ingredient some roasted pumpkins and a cinnamon stick.

Than you have a hell of a cocktail, haha! Unfortunately I didn’t win, I was second. To bad! But second place is also pretty good. Beside that I had a fun evening and I can say  i’m a pro in making cocktails. I hope you gonna try this out. When you do please let me know!

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Enjoy your cocktail!


Photography by Kevin from JustKVN


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  1. 10 november 2016 / 18:58

    Mmmm die cocktail ziet er heel lekker uit:)

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