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inally my post about the trip with Licor43 to San Sebastián with Britt.  We where invited to spend 43 hours of passion in this beautiful city. Lidia from Licor43 and Josune (local blogger) showed us the city in a typical Spanish way. Of course we did some tourist stuff, but because of Lidia and Josume  we learn a lot about San Sebastián and Licor43. We had an unforgettable experience! Let me show you……….

After a long flight (we missed our transfer, Vueling pfff) we arrived at our hotel ‘Barceló Costa Vasco****’. We got a warm welcome by Lidia and Josume. What’s a Friday evening without a cocktail? Exactly nothing, haha. When we finish our cocktail at the hotel bar we went to one of the best restaurants in town ‘Rekondo‘. WOW! The food was delicious, i can really recommend this. After dinner Lidia arrange some CARAJILLO 43 for us. Perfect drink after dinner.  That weekend the International Film Festival of San Sebastián took place. Licor43 brought us to The Film Festival Opening Ceremony at The San Telmo Museum. It was a gorgeous location and we had such a good time. Of course with some Ginger43 cocktails. Yep, definitely one of my favorite drinks!san-sebastian-licor43-43-hours-of-passion-britta-maxime-wendy-van-soest-1
The next day we started at The Concha Bay (Seashell). We had a beautiful view of the beach and took some pretty (outfit) pictures. Than we did a short walk on the beach, unfortunately a short one because it started to rain. We visit a local brand store ‘Loreak Mendian;. I never hear of this brand, but they had some gorgeous items.san-sebastian-licor43-43-hours-of-passion-britta-maxime-wendy-van-soest-8
I had read that San Sebastián have a great gastronomy and culture. Trust me they have! We went to The Old Town to try some typical Spanish Pintxos. They are called pinchos because many of them have a pincho (Spanish for Sike) with a skewer or toothpick, often to a piece of bread. This you eat usually in bars or taverns as a small snack while hanging out with friends or relatives. It’s funny because you eat this in different bars. The first stop was by friends of Josume and we eat on the street, by the second we went inside and order a lot of pintxos and by the third we order our desserts at Barrenetxe. Here we could tast the new drink from Licor43 ‘OROCHATA‘.san-sebastian-licor43-43-hours-of-passion-britta-maxime-wendy-van-soest-3
Our last stop was at Peine Del Viento. This is one of the best-known works by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida. The sculpture, known as the “Peine del Viento” or “Wind Comb”, is formed by pinkish granite terraces and three pieces of steel anchored to the rocks. It is one of the most frequently visited spots in the area, and a magical space from which the sea can be seen in all its splendour. This is particularly so on stormy days when the waves crash with all their might against the cliffs.san-sebastian-licor43-43-hours-of-passion-britta-maxime-wendy-van-soest-4
In the evening we went to a typical Spanish restaurant in The Old Town. Again the food was delicious. Than it was time for some spotlights! We went to the Kursaal palace to walk on the red carpet (yep, I felt famous haha) and to see Ethan Hawke got his Donostia Award at the 64th edition of the San Sebastian Festival. After that we had the privilege to see the movie ‘The Magnificent’ Seven’.


















On our last day Josume took us to Monte Igeldo. Here you have the best known and most iconic views of San Sebastian. Yep, of course we took here a lot of (outfit) pictures. And than it was time to go back home!san-sebastian-licor43-43-hours-of-passion-britta-maxime-wendy-van-soest-7

I really had a great 43 Hours of Passion that weekend! A special thanks to Licor 43, Lidia, Josume and Blyde Amsterdam.



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  1. 5 oktober 2016 / 14:32

    Beautifull pictures as well as the location ofcourse! Keep up the good blogs! 🙂

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