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i guys! Today I want to take you back with me when I and Larissa went to Aarhus with Vero Moda a couple months ago.  I will tell you what we did and sharing some tips for Aarhus as well. I hope you will like it.

Vero Moda planned some fun activities for us, but unfortunately the lookbook shoot was replaced to another. This means we had an afternoon to ourselves. We decided to explore the city and shoot some looks for Vero Moda, which you can find HERE.

One of the places you should definitely visit in Aarhus, is Mollestien. It’s a small neighborhood with cute little colorful houses. Of course we did there also a shoot. I’m not sure of I will show them to you because the pictures turned out really awful. It was so cold and the outfit that I was wearing was really not me. When we where shooting at Mollestien we almost got robbed. We had placed our bags on the ground and we did not paid much attention to it. Stupid right? Lucky Larissa saw already trouble and went quick to our bags before something happens. Scary moment and a lesson to us. Never leave your bags like that on the ground.

Than we went back to the centre for some warm drinks. We found a cute place called Grappa and order a hot choco with wiped cream for warming up.

That evening we had dinner with two of the Vero Moda ladies, at Kähler. Here we had typical Danish bread, called smorrebrød. I was a bit of scared to eat it, but I was really surprise because it was delicious. Danish really know how to cook. If there’s one thing I love about Denmark, it’s the food! Especially the bread! I wish we had that also in Holland.

The next day we went to a Vero Moda store were both Larissa and I styled a complete window, each with four mannequins. This was so much fun. It was my first time so I was a but clumsy with the mannequins, haha. But I manager it and I’m really proud of the result. What do you think?

That afternoon we had lunch at Fabrikken cafe with Mette, online coordinator of Vero Moda. She interviewed us about our hair and make up styles. Again we had some typical Danish food (again delicious!) and then it was already time to head home to Amsterdam.
I had really an amazing time in Aarhus and I can recommend this city to anyone. Okay i’m not gonna lie, Copenhagen is better but if you visit Denmark for a long time Aarhus is than definitely a visited worthy.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Have a nice saturday!
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  1. 16 augustus 2015 / 12:50

    Wat tof dat je naar Denemarken ben geweest voor een samenwerking 😀 Het ziet er allemaal super leuk uit! Gelukkig hadden jullie trouwens op tijd door dat jullie bestolen werden :O
    Eva onlangs geplaatst…One More Time: Paris Feelings!My Profile

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