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WOW! Last day of 2016! When you read this I’m in Disney land Paris. Gonna celebrate New Year there. Being a big kid all over again, haha. See my whole day on snapchat ‘wendyvsoest’. But in today’s post I gonna tell you about my experience in Aruba. This means I show you the highlights and hotspots from my trip.  It’s true what they say, Aruba is one happy island! The people are friendly, gorgeous beaches, delicious food and a lot of fun! 

Flamingo Beach
This is a private beach. When you are staying at the Renaissance hotel you are allowed to go to this beautiful beach. This was one of my favorite beaches on Aruba. It’s gorgeous, but the best part there are flamingo’s. OMG! Those pinkies are so sweetie. Because of this I wanted to stay at the Renaissance hotel, haha. I heard when you are willing to pay 100/150 dollar you are allowed to go to this beach, but i’m not sure.

Palm Beach
The biggest and most important beach of Aruba is Palm Beach. Here you find al the luxurious hotels, like Marriott, Riu, Hyatt, Hilton and many more. They call it highrise hotels. On the J.E. Irausquin Boulevard you can find shops, restaurants, bars and cinemas. Also the place to be for the night life of Aruba.

Eagle Beach
Next to Palm Beach you can find Eagle Beach. One of he popular beaches of Aruba. This is because of the gorgeous white sand, clear blue water and the Divi-Divi Tree’s. The Divi-divi tree is the symbol for Aruba. Just google Aruba and you will see a lot of pictures with those tree’s. All Dividivi tree’s are permanently bent, at nearly a right angle, with its Medusa-like branches seemingly swept back by the wind. All divi-divi trees point to the west, in the direction of the trade winds that come from the northeast.
Baby Beach
Baby beach located in Southeast of Aruba, direction San Nicolas. Gorgeous beach which is perfect for snorkeling. It call’s baby beach because it’s a perfect beach for childeren. The water is warm and shallow. In the past was this a quiet beach, but the tourist discover this beach also. Tip! Go to Big Mama Grill for a delicious hamburger.

Arashi Beach
Nearby the California lighthouse you can find this gorgeous small beach, which is the favorite from the locals.wendy-van-soest-renaissance-hotel-aruba
img_9371Renaissance hotel
I really could recommend this hotel. It’s located in Oranjestad, nearby the airport. You have two buildings, one for adults and one for family’s with childeren. Both buildings have a great pool with a beautiful view and the best part is that you can go to their privet Island ‘Flamingo Beach’. This was one of the reason why I wanted to stay their. The rooms are not special, but the bed are so comfy. I really like my bed at home, but trust me the Renaissance bed beat that. I’m not going to lie, it’s really expansive.  I got lucky, because by TUI they had a great deal. 10 days for €700,- included flight. I had more than 50% discount. So keep an eye on that is you wanna stay here.
OMG! There are many good restaurants in Aruba. The options are endless! I will give you my favorite of the Island. If you click on the name you are going to the website of the restaurant for more information and the adress. 

The West Deck
Tapas style! And you know me, i’m a big tapas lover. The food is delicious and the staff really kind. 

Pam Pam
Funny story! A friend recommend this place. It’s really cheap and the only place on the Island where you can Gourmet. That day we rent a car. It was a ten minute drive from our hotel, but unfortunately we never find it. So I can’t tell you how the food was, but I trust my friend.  

Casa Tuna
For the best Italians kitchen than is Casa Tuna the perfect place. One word delicious! I eat to much that evening. The lasagna was perfect and the Tirimusi, wow! No words! You can find Casa Tuna on the J.E. Irausquin Boulevard nearby Palm Beach.

Bare foot
This was one of my favorite. With your feet in the sand and watching the sunset while you enjoy of a delicious meal. It’s a bit expansive, but definitely worth it. The food is really delicious. I had the chicken with Ananas and Manon the lasagna. When you want to eat here make a reservation online. It’s a populaire place!
aruba-barefootMooMba Beach
On sunday you have to be at MooMba beach. Live music and at night everyone are dancing at the dance floor. We where not planning to eat there, but because we are late that day and a night we wanted to go to MooMba we thought it would be better to eat there. Lucky, because the food was goooooddddd. You can choose a lot, but we took the quesadillas. 

Iguana Joe’s
You can find Iguana Joe’s at Oranjestad. Actually almost next to our hotel (renaissance). Here you can eat Mexicans like wraps, quesadillas etc. Delicious!

Night Life
Aruba is not exactly known as a party Island, but it’s definitely not boring. On the contrary, you just need to know where you should be! Salsa dancing, hanging at the bar, chic cocktails or completely loose on the dance floor, there’s something for everyone. On Friday and Saturday Gusto is the perfect place to be, on Sunday MooMba beach and for more dancing you can go to night clubs ‘Confessions or pianobar Soprano’s. In the weekend everything is open till 3’o clock. Don’t worry because than is everyone going to The Mill for an Aruban after party. 


Reflexions Beach
Two day’s ago I write a whole artical about this place. Check it out HERE!

Eduardo’s Beach Shack
Love this! At Eduardo’s they sell acai from a pineapple, yogurt from a coconut, countless healthy smoothies (which ridiculously tasty) and healthy slices, powerballs and all that other delicious goodies. Unfortunally when I was there they didn’t had the ananas anymore. Aaaahhhh I wanted that perfect picture. After 30 minute of angry haha I bought the acai without the ananas. aruba-wendy-van-soest-3

Natural Pool
On a deserted stretch of coastline, dramatic shows of water spraying over the rock occurs on a regular basis as the tide rushes to shore. In a unique formation of rock, volcanic stone circles a small depression, creating a tranquil pool known as “conchi” or “Cura di Tortuga,” or more familiarly by visitors as the Natural Pool.

The location of the Pool is surrounded by some of Aruba’s most rugged terrain, so a visitor truly gets the feeling of having “discovered” something when they reach the site, by either foot, horseback or 4×4 vehicle. Because of the nature of the environment in this secluded area, the site is inaccessible by car.

Natural Bridge
One of the famous attractions of the Island. Unfortunally the bridge collapse on september 2 in 2015. The remnants of the Natural Bridge are still worth visit. This place is located on the midwestkust of Aruba near Andicuri Beach. This area is easy to reach by  car.

California Lighthouse
Nearby Arashi beach you can find the California Lighthouse. Originally designed to warn ships from the coastline of Aruba, the California Lighthouse is now a landmark for tourism. This lighthouse does much more that emit a coastal warning light; it beckons visitors to the most spectacular views of the island. The old stone California lighthouse stands as a silent watchman in the area known as “Hudishibana,” near the island’s northwestern tip.aruba-wendy-van-soest-6
The Hooiberg is a 165 meter high hill near Santa Cruz. The hooiberg consists for the most part from black granite-like rock with lime veins, called haystack pour. Except on Aruba you can find these rock only on Iceland. You can climb the 592 steps for a breathtaking view over Aruba.

Arikok National Park
The Arikok National Park has a size of 34 km2 and covers 18% of Aruba. In the national park you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Aruba with rugged hills of volcanic lava, quartz and limestone rocks. The two largest hills of Aruba are located in the Arikok National Park. In the park live a lot of reptiles and bird species, including the unique Aruban rattlesnake, the kododo blue, the Burrowing Owl and the Aruban parakeet. In the Arikok National park are many other attractions such as, caves with drawings of the Arawak Indians and beaches. The national park is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00, the entrance fee is $10.0-p.p., children have free access.
aruba-wendy-van-soest-14Good to know
*Tap water in Aruba is know to be of high quality and is perfectly safe to drink
*Aruba belongs together with Bonaire and Curaçao to the the ABC Islands
*Dutch and the local language of Papiamento are the official languages of Aruba, but most Arubans speak a minimum of four languages including English and Spanish.
*Aruba covers an area of 180 km2. The island is 30 km long and 9 km wide and has over 109,153 (2013) inhabitants.
*I recommend to rent a car to see the whole island. For 75 dollar you can rent a car for one day include insurance.

Have a good New year eve!


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