Travel | Backpacking : What to arrange?

Before you can enjoy of your trip, you have to arrange a few things. 

Below is a selection of the most important preparations for your trip around the world, from well over a year before departure until the actual start of your journey. 
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A year or more before departure:
  1. Budget: Drafting of the travel budget, save some money (A lot :P)
  2. Destinations: Which countries do you want to visit?
  3. Family and friends: Tell every one you are going on a world tour! The excitement grows stronger and you can’t wait for departure. 
  4. For fun: Learn everything about the land you are going to visit. 
Half a year before departure:
  1. Vaccinations: Figures out with vaccinations you need and arrange that in time. 
  2. Destinations: Check again your wish-list which places/countries you wanted visit. Be realistic!
  3. Bookings: Wait for great deals on the net. KLM has the world deals weeks and when you  do research on the internet you really can get a cheap flight. I’m flying with Finnair and paid only โ‚ฌ500,-. The benefits of backpacking is that you only need arrange your flight. You sleeping place you will arrange on the destination. Most of the time that’s very cheap (although this will depend on your destination).  
Three months before departure:
  1. Arranges important things: Find a good backpack. Lucky I could borrow one from a colleague  It’s saves me some money :). I had to arrange someone for my sweet Phoebe (Cat). Also a colleague was able to do that. Yep I have the best colleagues! ;). Find out of you need a visum and what the conditions are. We though that we needed a visum, but when we wanted arranges everything they told use that we didn’t need one. If you staying longer at the same place for four weeks you need a visum. But I’m  gonna travel so I won’t stay longer than one month in the same place. If you come by plane than it’s 30 days, but for example you stayed for 2 weeks in Thailand an travel with the train outside Thailand . After one week you wanted to go back to Thailand by train than you have 14 days. But if you come by plane than you have again 30 days. That’s what I understand of it. Maybe I have it wrong, but figure it out. It’s definitely important. 
The last two weeks before departure:
  1. Buy everything what you need for your trip
  2. Figure out what you have to pack. Tomorrow a post will be online about that. 
  3. Documents: Passport, vaccination booklet, passport photo’s and tickets, scan them all and email it to yourself and family or friends. 
  4. Arrange al the important telephone numbers like the Embassy from the place your visit. 
Day of leaving!
The most stressful day you ever had ๐Ÿ˜› 

I think this is it! Do you have any tips that I missed? 

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  1. 7 mei 2014 / 11:10

    Handige tips bij het reizen, want toch elke keer slaag ik er weer in iets te vergeten ๐Ÿ™‚
    Liefs, Annelies

    PS: vergeet me niet te volgen via bloglovin als je meteen op de hoogte wil gebracht worden van nieuwe artikels ๐Ÿ™‚ Dankje

  2. 7 mei 2014 / 12:08

    Ik denk niet dat ik het zou kunnen, zo lang rondtrekken. Maar voor een maand ofzoiets lijkt het me heerlijk!

  3. 8 mei 2014 / 10:15

    Leuk dat je jouw tips met ons deelt. Het lijkt me zo gaaf om een paar maanden weg te gaan! Zit jij overigens niet met je kamer/ huis nu?

    Kim / Vintage & Beauty

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