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Hi sweeties! This my first time backpacking and I had many, many questions. The most important question is ‘What to pack’?. When I’m going on holiday I always want to bring my whole closet. Of course my with my favorite items. If you are going backpacking is that not so handy. You have to carry the backpack a lot, so the trick is to pack only the important things. And with clothes? Only the basic, and the trick is to make a lot of combinations with less. Well that was a challenge for me ;). 

I thought why not share this with you guys. Maybe you gonna want to go backpacking like me. So I figure out what to bring when you gonna backpacking. 🙂 
Click on ‘Read More‘ to take a look at my backpack!
Necessary stuff:
  1. Passport + copy (if your passport get stolen or you lost it, than a copy is always handy)
  2. Passphoto’s (just incase)
  3. Flight ticket
  4. Creditcard, pin and Insurance pass (make also a copy en email that to you self)
  5. Lonely planet
  6. Camera + Adapter
  7. World Adapter
  8. Needles (I hope I don’t need it, but if somethings happens and you are in a hospital and you don’t trust it with hygiene something like that. They can use your own needles. You rare sure you don’t get Hepatitis B. This was at advice from my doctor. 
  9. Birth control
  10. Soap
  11. ORS
  12. Locks for your backpack.
  13. Cable lock (If they want you backpack of course a cable lock would not work, but if there a ten backpacks in the room and yours is on a cable lock maybe they leave yours, hihi well that’s my reasoning)
  14. Poch bag ( I know terrible, but very handy)
  15. Clothesline
  16. Deet
  17. Ipod
  18. Flashlight

  1. Suncreme + After sun (Australion Gold is really the best, I always bought this on Curacao. But lucky we have it also in Holland. In this sun creme is also a bronzer, very natural)
  2. Disinfection handcream
  3. Razor blade + shaving cream
  4. Attractions
  5. Osegal (Perfect for dirt on you clothes, really It a magical stick)
  6. Zoverax 
  7. Toothbrushe 
  8. Cotton Buds
  9. Make up wipes
  10. Make up 
  11. Oil (for my hair)
  12. Fohn (Haha yep I couldn’t without my Fohn :P)


  1. Mosquito net
  2. Bed sheet and pillow case
  3. Towel (special one, this will dry very quick)

How to survive the flight?

  1. Magazines
  2. Ipod
  3. Food (We all know how airplane food will taste) 
  4. Vita Coca
  5. Candy

  1. 3 shorts
  2. 8 till 10 tops
  3. 1 beach dress
  4. 1 evening dress
  5. 2 bikini’s
  6. 2 blouse
  7. 1 jacket
  8. 2 flip-flops
  9. 1 sneakers
  10. 1 pants
  11. 2 sunglasses
  12. some accessories (Yep, still a fashionista)
  13. 2 bh’s 
  14. 10 slips and socks
I’m so proud at myself. I managed and also in 40 minutes. Normally I takes hours and hours. So backpacking is less stressful than a holiday for 1 or 2 weeks. It is because you have to carry everything yourself, so you don’t want a heavy back, hihi.  I also find a great informative website for backpacking, click here.
I hope this was very handy and useful for you! 
Have a nice day sweeties

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  1. 9 mei 2014 / 19:24

    Leuke post! Handig! Het lijkt mij ook super om een keer naar Azië te gaan. Veel plezier daar!

  2. 10 mei 2014 / 20:23

    Wat een super handige post, en zo leuk om te zien! Geniet er nog maar van! <3

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