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Morning babes! In today’s post I gonna tell you about my experience in Dubai. This means I show you the highlights and hotspots from my trip.  For more general information go to my latest post about Dubai HERE. Dubai was really one of my favorite holiday vacations. Or intensions was to chill a lot, enjoy the sun and going out. If you want to see culture and nature  don’t go to Dubai. Dubai is really a city that is make in the desert. This is more a sun vacation to stay in your luxury hotel chilling at the swimming pool or beach. Still Dubai have a lot to offer. You can find here the best shopping malls, luxury hotels, best restaurants, entertainment parks and night clubs.
Let’s start with some useful advice.
– Take only the colorful caps, because those are the most trustworthy and cheaper ones. If you take a cap from your hotel you will pay the jackpot and most of the time are that luxury cars. Funny note, if you will see pink caps they are only allowed to take women with them.
– Normally my advice with caps is before you get in always speak of a price, but in Dubai you can go by metre. It’s really not expansive.
– Nightlife ends in Dubai exactly at 03:00 AM. I’m use to go out around 00:00 AM or even later, but don’t do that in Dubai, haha. You have a lot of clubs in Dubai which you can find most in the hotels. On this website you can see the agenda of all the partys in Dubai. This is very useful because there are note’s by every party with their special offer for the ladies that night. Sometimes you get  complimentary drinks or it’s a open bar till a special time. On Tuesday it’s always ladies night, meaning a lot of free drinks or discounts on drinks and food.
– If you gonna enjoy the night life in Dubai wear heels! Otherwise you will not aloud to enter the club. You appearance is really important over there.
– The weekend in Dubai start already on thursday till saturday.
– On friday it’s very popular to enjoy a brunch in one of the hotels. Because from 15:00 till 18:00 you can eat and drink what you want for a very good price. Like I said it’s everywhere but ask your hotel for the nices brunch. Unfortunately I don’t have a tip for you about this, because we booked or desert safari excursions on friday.
– If you want to go to Burj Khalifja please don’t wait to long to buy a ticket. You can do it already before you go to Dubai or do it as soon as possible by your travel agency. It’s really busy so don’t take the risk that you end up with nothing.
– Don’t walk in Dubai! haha. One day we went to the beach we decided to walk a little bit to see more of Dubai. We where at Jumeirah Beach and I though we can walk to the Marina walk. OMG! it was really not possible. The walking pads ends sometimes and if you want to take a bus you need a card (which you can’t buy in the bus and don’t ask me where than). So do everything with a cap.

We booked two excursions at our travel agency. We did the Abu Dhabi tour and the Desert Safari. Both I can really recommended.
By the Abu Dhabi tour we went to the beautiful Shek Zayed Grand Mosque aka Abu Dhabi Mosque. That Mosque is really beautiful, wow! That’s a really must-see when you are in Dubai. The tour included also a visit to the Abi Dabi mall, museum and a stop to visit a village where you can see how the Arabic life in the past. I will be honest that is really not interesting, but everything for the Mosque. I heard it’s difficult to go by yourself to the Mosque. It’s a long drive from Dubai till Abu Dabi (1,5hour) and you need a reservation to entrée the Mosque.
The Desert Safari is really fun. With a jeep you will drive in the desert, watch the sunset and after you go to a village where you have a nice BBQ and a lot of entertainment like Belly dancers, Camel riding, Henna tattoo, desert surfing and many more.Dubai Hotspots Wendy van Soest
High tea Burj Al Arab
On my bday we decided to do the high tea in the seven star hotel Burj Al Arab, because everyone was recommend it to us. Monday I already told you about the high tea so for more information click HERE.
dubai high tea
Actually I went only four times to a restaurant. This was more because we did a lot during the day. When we arrived at our hotel most of the time we did a quick nap. But the quick nap turned always in a bigger nap, haha. So every night we had to hurry because we wanted to party. Most of the time we eat there some small food. But the restaurants where I eat was really good.
Inka, Puraanse restaurant in Sofitel hotel downtown.
Cavalli, Fairmount hotel. We went on sunday where they always have a dinner show.
(sorry forgot the name) italiaanse restaurant, in-front of the Dubai Fountain
Marina Walk, Here you can find a lot of different restaurant. It’s really nice to walk here by night.
Dubai Hotspots 3
Like I said in every hotel you find some really good clubs, but the clubs that I recommended are:
Cavalli club, Fairmount hotel. (trendy club)
Club White in Meydan (trendy club with great party’s)
Barasti Bar, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina. (more lounge bar with a lot of english people)
Blue Marlin, yes the same as in Ibiza. The best day to go to this club is on Friday.
Eden beach Club, location at The Palm.Dubai nightlife
Medinat Jumeirah. After some shopping take the Abra tour to discover the beautiful Medinat Jumeirah.
Souk Al Bahar
Dubai hotspots 4
Jumeirah Beach, most popular beach in Dubai. Here you can make beautiful pictures of the Burj Al Arab.
Eden Beach Club, I really recommend this. Actually it’s a beach club but during the day you can relax on the  beach and swimming pool while listing to nice music. Unfortunately it’s not cheap, you will pay €65 per person and than you have only a sunbed, towel and welcome drink. Soft drink is around €10,-, alcohol €20 and food also around €20,-Dubai hotspots 2

Dubai stole my heart. I had really a great time over there. If you going to Dubai I hope this post was useful for you. Maybe I made you really excited about Dubai. Just go to TUI to book a cheap trip to Dubai. I paid €580 for 9 days, 7 night included breakfast and flight.

Enjoy your day sweeties!


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  1. 13 januari 2016 / 22:54

    Gaaf zeg, ik was vorige week in Dubai! Helaas maar voor 1 dagje, ik zou er zo graag langer heengaan. Jij hebt echt gave dingen gedaan daar zeg! Wauw! Liefs

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    Dubai is such a nice place to stay and famous for its wonderful sightseeing’s attractions. The best trip is Dubai sightseeing’s tour and desert safari in Dubai. We had great time couple of years ago.

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    Hi Wendy,

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    Great post.
    Lucky you that you got to celebrate your birthday in Dubai.
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    First of All, Thanks for Sharing this Amazing Post! I Got Impressed With Your Writing Skills. I Must Say You Are An Incredible Writer Ever. Dubai is one beautiful place. My grandfather got to explore the Dubai mall and he can’t stop telling us how beautiful it is! 🙂

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    Dubai is a great place to visit, number of huge malls and great markets grab the attention of travelers. Photography is good. Keep sharing.

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    Great article to read.
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    Dubai, capital of the Emirate of Dubai, is the largest and the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is known as the Business hub of the Middle East because of its strategic location which helps bridge the gap between major leading cities such as London, New York, Singapore.

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