Travel | Week 5 & 6

Hi sweetied! How are we today? Sorry I didn’t post last week, but at Koh Pha-Ngan I couldn’t find an Internet cafe nearby. So today is a two weeks post. I promise I don’t make it long ;). First we going back to Bali, Kuta. That is one of the most tourist place in Bali. I thought this will be the best en fun place of Bali. I was so wrong! What a terrible place. The beaches are not nice, only if you want to surf. But laying on the beach, well I saw better ones. Going out is to busy and expansive. And the worst are the cars and scooters. They are everywhere and do they watch out no!!! Lucky the had a big shoppingmall with a Zara, Mango, Pull and Bear and many more. That was a big plus. The place Seminyak is a bitt beter. Kuta is nice for when you are 18 till 22 I think, but at mine age no. Lucky the last evening we met a local and other nice people in a little bar nearby our homestayed. So that was really nice. We went to Alley Cats and later somthing with pirates??? That was fun! Oh we did also a little excursion over there. We went to Tanah Lot. It was nice, but that day er was a big ceremoni. So a lott of people what ruined the view and to came there OMG the traffice! I think we sat almost 2 hours in the car only to get there. Haha so if you could see I’m not so positieve about this place :P. It’s get’s worse. When we wanted to gets our plane to Thailand. We almost missed it. Why? Because you have to pay 2 miljoen roepies per person to go though the gat. Ofcourse we spend al our money, because in Thailand we don’t have anything of our roepies. Credicard was not possible and my pin was not working. Lucky Marijn de pin did and we could go through the gate. But of the big line we almost missed the flight, so it was a little bit stressfull. But we made it. 

And than we where back at Bangkok. We stayed at the BTS Aiys hotel with swimmingpool. So that was our entertainment that day. Not bad at all. In the evening I went to the movie A day after tomorrow with Tom Cruise. Really a good movie. The next day we had a long trip with the bus to go to Koh Pha-Ngan for the full moon party. When we finally arrived at our Hostel Ecco Beach Backpackers we where a little bit disapointed. The bed where horrible. Sleeping with 8 people at the room (That’s not a problem) met 4 beds were next to each other en above you had the other 4. It was so small. I really thought it’s a gave. Lucky we met some nice people overthere and breakfast and dinner was for free. And a big plus they had a big Cinema at the hostel. ;). 

Koh Pha-Ngan is very expansive. You can tell they use the Full Moon party good. Everything is twice more than normal. so we rented a scooter for 120 bath per day. (thats 3 or 4 euros). Much cheaper than go by taxi. It’s nice to drive there only to the beach is a little bit scary, because of the high hills. But we survived. Okay and now what do I think of Koh Pha-Ngan? Well the same anwser as for Kuta. Horrible! The full moon party is overated. Everyone is drunk and stoned or high. Sorry not really my scene. The weather was really bad, so laying on the beach was usefull. There is nothing to see on the island. Really e tryed. Wanted to go to the waterfalls and view point. But there was no water so no waterfall. The view point is hard to reach, so again a great day :(. We where stuck at the hostel. So we sleep a lott and saw a lott of movies. 

At this moment I am at Koh Samui. This could be really a nice Island if there is sun. But again the weather is bad! On an Island there is nothing to do than laying in the sun. We hired a scooter to see somthing of the island. But again it was a dissater. This time there was water by the waterfall. But is was hard to climb, very scared. And when we where on the top it was raining hard! So the road was more scary. i though I will dy here. Than back at the hostel we pick up our clothes by the loundry. OMG! The ruined my clothes. What was white is now pink. With a lott of blached and white pouder I saved my short. But my new dress I could trow away. After that we went to see the big Buddha. A drive of 45min to see a sculpture of a buddha. Ofcourse it was nice to see, but to drive so far no! Going out is nice here but not spectactulaire. Actually I’m a little bit done with this trip. I really counting the days! The weather would stay like this, so what am I doing here?? I love to be laying on the beach and get tan. 

Today we going to Koh Tao. Everyone saids It would be nice. I think it would be again sitting in the Hotel. So wish me luck that the sun will be shinning. 

Sorry again a long story and unfortunally not so positief. Ofcourse I see loveling things and enjoining myself. I thing it was more better in high season (with sun). 

Well enjoy the pictures!

Enjoy your day! 

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  1. 18 juni 2014 / 08:04

    Wat een heerlijke foto’s! Krijg meteen zin om op vakantie te gaan. Gelukkig hoef ik nog maar een paar dagen te wachten;)

  2. 18 juni 2014 / 09:14

    De foto’s vind ik wel heel leuk! Jammer dat t allemaal zo liep enzo! Hopen dat t vandaag beter loopt :D!

    Liefs Nora /

  3. 22 juni 2014 / 08:41

    Wat een mooie foto’s allemaal! Lijkt me heerlijk daar! Lekker genieten!

  4. 22 juni 2014 / 20:42

    Je lijkt echt te leven in een paradijs, ziet er heerlijk uit daar! Ik volg je ook op instagram, en je foto’s zijn om van weg te dromen 🙂 Liefs!

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