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 Hi Sweeties! How are you? I’m fine, but the jet lag is killing me! Tired at the weirdest times and I like to do nothing, haha. That’s way I didn’t post this on Thursday like I promise. Forgive me! But I learn one thing on my journey. Let some things go! Normally I would post It, because I want to hold myself to my schedule. With a result a stressed and tired Wendy. :P. So I gave myself a little blog break! But tomorrow a brand new outfit post! Can’t wait to show It to you guys! 
But let’s started with my last travel diary from the last two weeks of my trip. In my last travel post I ended that we would go to Koh Tao. We did, but one day later. We forgot our tickets for the boot, so we missed the booth. Haha so we had one more day at Koh Samui. Lucky that day It was really sunny! So I decided to go to Hotel Conrad (Hilton). On Instagram I saw a lot of breathtaking pictures of the pool. I went only because Marijn didn’t wanted to go. Well I glad I did! I had the best time! Like I told you earlier that week I was a little depressive, but this was making my day. I felt like a royalty. Welcomes drink, mint towels for the hit, cocktails, beautiful view and delicious food. Well look at the pictures! :P. So if you on Koh Samui, really go to Hotel Conrad. You will pay 1500 bath (Thats 26 euros). You can lay there the whole day, get a drink and food of choose)
The next day we went finally to Koh Tao. We stayed at Koa Toa Royal Resort. Lovely please with cute little bungalows and the owners are very friendly. That night we went to the Koh Tao Festival. Every year they have this 3 days festival. So lucky for use we could join the last day! The cat on the pictures is so cute. We called her little princes. It was really a diva, but every night we walked to our hotel she was there. I wish I could take her with me. :(. We found also a delicious tapas bar at Koh Tao. It called Bizaro. Very cheap and delicious tapas! Ofcourse we went also to the (famous) Island Koh Nang Yuan. There you will have a beautiful view. We hired also a scooter to explore the Island. Some road weird so scary to drive. Unfortunately of that we could not saw everything. If you hired a scooter there, please be careful. The last night we watch football in a pub (Murry’s). Lucky we won!! :). And than it was already time to leaving Koh Tao. We toke the night train to Bangkok, but we went of at Kanchanaburi. Well actually an other place (I forgot the name) and we had to take another train to Kanchanaburi. Unfortunately we had to wait 3 hours for the train. So we where stuck at the train station. But Kanchanaburi is really nice, so I’m glad we did it :). We did a tour and went to the Erwanwaterfalls and saw the Hellfire pass and Death railway. The waterfalls where so beautiful. Also a lot of fish and because of them I didn’t swim :(. Hihi I was to scared! There where also doctor fish in the pool, so I you want nice soft feet well go to the Erwanwaterfalls. If you heard the story of the Hellfire pas and the Death railway is so sad. Por man who have to build that railway.  And so strange to walk there than. Thousand of man has to build that railway for the Japanese in the second world war. Really a scary and fascinating story. 
After the tour we went strait to Bangkok, Kho San Road. That evening we did nothing because we where really tired. The next day we moved to the luxury Sivatel Hotel in Bangkok. Ofcourse I saw again beautiful pictures of that hotel on Instagram and i thought what the heck let’s do it! We paid 105 euros for one night. Ofcourse It’s a lot of money, but here in Holland you will pay 300 euros for a room like this. Well look at the pictures and I think you will agree with me. Soon I will do a review about this hotel on the blog. I met also Michelle for Mforfashion in Bangkok. That was so nice to she are in really time. We did a shoot and had a lot fun. Our last day’s we went again to the Chatuchak weekend market, party at Koh San Road, saw the gold mountain (temple), sky bar, chinatown ad watch the game Holland – Mexico (That was so excited game). So we relaxt and did some fun things. Unfortunately than the day that you have to go home! But I was really happy to be going home, the see everyone again and my cat Phoebe! I missed here a lot. Oh and the food, Frikandel, bamischrijf, bitterballen (dutch snacks) etc. 
Well guys! This was my last travel diary. I hope you liked it! Maybe I will make a little travel guide with tips for Thailand an Bali. Places to go, restaurants tips etc. Do you like that? 
Well tomorrow an outfit post! So see you than 🙂
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Have a nice sunday sweeties! 

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  1. 8 juli 2014 / 13:13

    Wauw, die foto’s weer! Echt prachtige landschappen en geweldig uitzicht vanuit het zwembad! x

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