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orning babes! Yesterday I had the opportunity to get my hair done by Renee Somers, color specialist by Kevin Murphy. It was really necessary to do my hair, because my last time was a year ago. Oeps!!!

First I wanted to do something crazy. Like black hair with some grey ombre  just what Kylie Jenner had. But I think I will regret it, after two weeks I probaly done with it. So I decided to go for a more natural look. We talk about the Balayage trend, a French paint technique that dates from the seventies. This technique gives the hair more shine and depth and a beautiful natural look. My hair was really light and I wanted to go back to my natural hair color, which is dark brown. Because of this we decided to do not the Balayage but a coloring with three different (dark) brown colors and a drop off mahogany for a warmer glow.

After the coloring I got a Treat.Me treatment. Treat.Me is a customized in-salon deep conditioning experience inspired by skincare. It’s base of some nature’s best ingredients with skincare technology to improve the texture, shine, moisture of the hair. It’s like a facial but than for your hair. It’s remove coarse particles using soft and natural fruit acids (AHA’s) from Papaya, citrus and pineapple. It gives hair moisture and strength and leaves the hair soft, manageable and shiny. To this effect it is recommended to maintain this treatment once every 6 to 8 weeks.

Wow! I really can recommend this treatment. My hair felt soft, shiny and it’s looks very healthy.  Then it was time for my hair cut. Well  just watch the pictures!

Thank you Renee for your time and advice. The products that Renee used was from Color.Me & Kevin Murphy! I’m so happy with my new hair! Curious about you opinion. by Kevin by kevin murphy by kevin murphy 3

Have a nice day!
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    • Wendy
      8 juli 2015 / 20:22

      Hi Jose! Ja ik ben wel echt fan. Ik heb nu zo mooie glans in mij haar. Het is ook niet eens zo duur volgens mij €17,50. Ik heb dit gedaan in Rotterdam, maar hier worden normaal trainingen gegeven dus het was niet echt een salon. Maar volgens mij zit Kevin Murphy wel in elke stad. Wil je het ook gaan proberen? 🙂

      Wendy onlangs geplaatst…Beauty | Hair treatment by Kevin MurphyMy Profile

  1. 8 juli 2015 / 22:27

    Wow echt mooi! En zeker voor zo’n geld! Jezus nu besef ik pas dat ik veel te veel betaal bij mijn kapper!

  2. 9 juli 2015 / 06:58

    love the hair, staat je echt super goed!!! toen ik nog lang haar had ging ik ook maar eens in de zoveel jaar naar de kapper xD dit staat je echt leuk!! xxx
    fabianne onlangs geplaatst…My summer goalsMy Profile

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