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orning babes! Did you already know Jint from the blog Vanilla & Velvet? A true fashion lover with a great sense of style. She started her blog because she love fashion and writing and blogging was getting big at that moment, so Vanilla & Velvet was born.

You know what? Just read the interview and go to Jint’s blog to she her awesome looks. Enjoy!

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1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi! I’m Jint, a 23 year old Lawschool student from Utrecht. I will graduate in April and my dream has always been to live in New York for a couple of months. So that’s on cracks list. After that, I will move to Amsterdam. Fashion is something that makes my heart beat faster. My closet looks a lot like a rainbow and I am a bit of a perfectionist. Everything needs to be better all the time, and that is a challenge I’m happy to accept.

2. What was the reason why you started your blog?
I did an internship for 10 months a while back and that working life just wasn’t for me. I figured I had to have something to keep me busy, doing something I really loved. Blogging was getting big back then and I wanted to blog too. Vanilla & Velvet was born, although it took me a while to shake of the akward feeling..

3. How would you describe your clothing style?
I like to wear a lot of different styles. Something I mix & match different styles, but it should always match though! I like colors, but I like minimalistic outfits too.

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4. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts
I get inspired by magazines and other bloggers, and then I think about how I could add my own twist to it. Or could I do it another way? When I think of something I wright it down immediately and then edit it into a nice blogpost a week later.

5. What are you favorite brands and shops?
I love Cos, And Other Stories, Zara ofcourse, Monki, Asos, Acne en Whistles

6. What’s now on your wish list?
The Marrakesh flared jeans from MiH jeans!

7. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? Tips!
It’s important to stay true to yourself, don’t just copy things the internet or other blogs says is important but do what you like!
Keep your content original.
Also I think it’s important to give your writing skills some attention, it’s not always only about the outfit (if you are a fashionblogger)
And keep raising the bar higher and higher so that you keep improving yourself and your blog!
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Thanks Jint for the great answers! I love that you have your own style and reading your blog always with a pleasure. I’m really in love with your diamond top from Front Row Shop. Big crush! I really have to borrow that on for a shoot, haha. Do you like Jint’s style and blog just like I do? Follow her! See links for social media canals underneath!


Have a nice day sweeties!


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  1. 17 februari 2015 / 11:51

    Ik volg haar op instagram, mooie stijl heeft ze!

  2. Nesrin Daily Cup of Bla Bla Bla
    17 februari 2015 / 16:13

    Wow I love her style! Ik ken haar niet en ga zo door klikken naar haar blog. Wat leuk dat je dit doet, zo leer je meer bloggers kennen.

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