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Dutch people are a little bit crazy when it comes about WK/EK (World/European Championships) and Queensday.

Queensday is on 30 april, it’s the Queens birthday’s that’s why we call it Queensday. (How typical 😉 )
That day (and night before) we gonna party like crazy, there’s a free market (many Dutch sell their secondhand items), lots of festivals and concerts. It is also an opportunity for “orange madness”. It means that we all wear orange (national color) or red, white ans blue (Dutch Flag).

By the World Championships we do the same. Together we watch the soccer game and when we win ‘Party Time’ but when we lose, hihi well the atmossphere is not good but we still gonna drink ;-). I don’t like football, but with the WK/EK it’s so fun!!.

Two years ago the brand Bavaria introduce the DutchDress campaign (2010 Worl Cup) a fashionable dress for women. This Year Bavaria have a new dress for the EK the ‘V Dress’, V stands for VICTORY.
The design duo Spijkers en Spijkers has designed the dress and follow the trend colorblocking. The dress is orange with blue and around the neck a red-white-blue pattern.

Last Friday the Bavaria-V Dress was launched in the PC Hooftstraat at the shop Didato. 500 limited edition dress were given away. Stylist Danie Bles was also present and told us more about how to wear the dress at many/different ways. Ofcourse i was there with many other fashionista’s, but lucky me i was early so i got a dress YEAH!!!! Now i can where it on Queensday ;-).

Some pictures of the event:

For the Dutch readers:
The V-Dress is from May 7 available at the supermarket when you buy a packed off six bottles Bavaria for EUR 9.99. If you want the dress earlier for instance at Queensday than you can order it now online at the Bavaria shop. click here to go to the shop

So what do you think of the dress??


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