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Good Morning! Did you enjoy your sunnie weekend? I did! :). Saterday evening I went to the Nelly High Heels event at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht. Lucky for me I had some privilege (didn’t had to wait in the long line) because I was reporter for StyleToday

The location was perfect. I couldn’t image an other location for this event. Winkel van Sinkel is also a great club with nice parties. Definitely a tip for when you wanted to go out in Utrecht. Before all the girls went inside I had the time to make good pictures of the shoes. Well I tried! Because of the lighting It was almost impossible to make good pictures. I made the shots with my Canon and iPhone so you have an impression of the night. The host of the evening was Fred van Leer. Really I love that man! He is so funny and kind! My friend and I get some shoes advice from him so or choose was fast to make. When the shoes arrived I will show It to you, for now It will be a surprise :P. 

At 10:00 the doors went open and a lot of beautiful women stepped inside. The first 100 got a voucher for  a free pair of NLY Shoes and a goodiebag. Fred gave use a welcome speed and a little challanges. The ones with the best and creative pictures of the evening will win a voucher from €60,- and €150,- to spend at the Nelly website. My pictures was with the heart what you can see below, unfortunately I did not won Fred gave to one lucky girl a smartphone lens from Saturn. How cool is that? When a few girls were made very happy it was time for the party ‘Latin Lovers‘. We stayed till 01:00 for a little dance and after that we went to Zussen for the best coacktails in the city. We had a wonderful night and of course we are happy with our NLY Shoes! 
Enjoy the pictures! 
Click on ‘Read More‘ to get an impression of the night!

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Photography by Myself

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  1. 10 maart 2014 / 07:44

    Tof! Leuk dat je er bij mocht zijn voor Style Today!!

    Liefs Denise

    P.S. Doe je al mee met onze eerste gave away van Fris Sieraden?

  2. 10 maart 2014 / 10:06

    Aah zo leuk, Winkel van Sinkel is inderdaad een toplocatie ervoor !! En de cocktails bij Zussen mmmm. dat is lang geleden 😀 x

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