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Hi guys!!!
Last week i’m approached by Ann Hwang from LUNKnFeed. She is a marketing manager at LUKnFeed in Korea. Ann read my blog and ask me of i be willing to review LUKnFEED and do a featured on my blog about their new fashion campaign called ‘Let’s prepare what to wear tomorrow to avoid stressful mornings!’

I am very honored that am approached and thrilled to make a featured for LUKnFeed on my blog.

What is LUKnFeed:
LUKnFEED is a free social networking application for fashion originated in Asia. People use it to share their thoughts about fashion. Here you can upload pictures of your styles, your clothes, and everything else about fashion; then people can like or comment on the pictures.

The Fasion Campaign:
LUKnFEED is a big succes in the Asian market so they decided to go global. To go global LUKnFEED launching yesterday the fashion campaign ‘Let’s prepare what to wear tomorrow to avoid stressful mornings!’

Having trouble deciding what to wear? Doesn’t everyone around you, including yourself have this problem all the time?

Well LUKnFEED is the solution, here you can upload pictures of the complete look/outfit what you decide to wear for the next day. Other users can be inspirated and comment on the look. Also you can select items suitable for the occasion and let others participate in the mix and match process through commenting or sharing pictures of items that go with it. For example, tomorrow is Friday and you have a romantic dinner to go to after work. There is this sexy black pencil skirt you definitely want to wear but you want to know all possibilities that can go with it. So you share the picture of the skirt on LUKnFEED to receive comments and suggestions of other people.

Yesterday i started to make a account on the site. It’s easy to make and i enjoy doing it. it’s look a little bit like Lookbook. I’m just started and everything is new for me but i’m confident that the campaign will be a great succes! So i hope after reading this that you are just as excited as i am.

I started my blog to inspire other girls like i was inspired from other bloggers with them blogs. The fashion campaign is also about too or be inspired with fashion. That’s why i think the campaign is great (and will be successful) and i love to be a part of it.

So don’t be hesitate and make also a account on LUKnFEED and inspire other people with you look on fashion. Also you will help millions of people solving the everyday fashion crisis, but also increase the popularity of your own blog.


Ann thanks for approached me!!!


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  1. Anonymous
    9 april 2012 / 02:21

    Never heard about it but interesting! Thanks for introducing~ Signing up right now! XD

    • 9 april 2012 / 21:26

      Nice to hear!! And what do you think of LUKnFEED?


  2. 9 april 2012 / 05:14

    WOW such a detailed introduction about us! Totally wanna give you a big kiss right now~ ♥(^x^)/ THANK YOU and I am soooooo glad that you like it!!! Please continue to keep us updated with your amazingly gorgeous fashion styles~~♡

  3. 10 april 2012 / 07:11

    congrats on the spotlight! 🙂 me super encanto tu outfit en el post anterior!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspirationXO

    I am also hosting a one a kind giveaway on my blog! An 8×10 signed and numbered fine art painting by MJ Lindo! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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