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Ooooohhh it’s almost 8th of March and i really, really can’t wait to buy something from the Marni collection. Unfortunately i have to work that day :-(, but i hope i will get it online. I love the earrings and the silk dress, so hopefully it will be mine!! 😉

Marni for H&M is definitely one of my favorite collaborations for this season. The collection have intense colors on ethnic and african prints. Beside the garments Marni have beautiful jewelry designs, like the flower necklace, earrings and the Peter Pan collar.  The look has a ‘bohemian vibe’
Do you like the Marni Collection for H&M? And will you buy something on 8th of March?


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  1. 17 maart 2012 / 20:40

    Hey Sandra,

    Lovely collection. Ensembles just nice to be put on my blog. Lemme check out s-justcarpediem as well.

    Wardrobe and Mirror

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