Inspiration | Chanel Boy Bag

Oh boy! This bag I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Unfortunately the price makes it out of my league. Someone get me a sugar daddy quick! 😛

But I think this must-have piece is on every woman’s wishlist. Well we just have to do it with this inspiration post. Lucky girls! I’m a little bit jealous, but never say never. Maybe one day this bag is mine! Hey a girl can dream! Right? 😛

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Happy Sunday!

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  1. 2 maart 2014 / 09:11

    Yes, this is a veeeery beautiful and cool bag. I trink almost every woman has such an “beloved, I am dreaming of” item on her wishlist. never stop deaming…:)
    Love, Elisa <3

  2. 2 maart 2014 / 12:05

    Wat vind ik deze tas mooi wauw!! Jammer genoeg ligt de prijs niet echt in mijn budget haha..

  3. 2 maart 2014 / 14:34

    Wat een beauty is die tas zeg… Mooie inspiratie foto’s ook! Ik droom nog even lekker verder (haha) ..

  4. 2 maart 2014 / 17:02

    It sure is a gorgeous bag, which i just had the money to buy it xx

  5. 2 maart 2014 / 17:16

    Yes, this is a gorgeous bag and it feels good to go out with it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day you’ll own one too =)

  6. 2 maart 2014 / 21:21

    Channel hand bags are gorgeous and yes a girl should always dream 🙂

  7. 2 maart 2014 / 21:50

    wow, this bag is the bag of all times i think, but I must say it has such a cool design and details like stitching, chains and buckle are so looking cool, would love to have it too 🙂
    <3 Zhanna

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