Insta Diary | August

Insta Diary August part2 -
Hi Sweeties! It’s time again for an Insta diary. Had a lot of shooting dates with my babes, attending a great en learn full event en meeting up with my besties.

Two weeks ago Stephanie and me went to Amsterdam for the Marc jacobs Tweetshop. We wanted to do some shootings, but that day it was raining hard! So we did a long lunch break at the De Drie Graefjes, than we went walking to the train to go home. Lucky for use the sun break through and we could do at least one shoot.  Few days later we we shoot our outer outfits, but this time we stayed in Utrecht. I discover some beautiful shooting spots nearby the Dom. We definitely come back for more shoots ;).

That week I meet also my besties. I know them already for a long time and we always have a blast. We went to Humpry’s for dinner and after that we went to the movies ‘Sex Tape’. Hilarical movie, but not cinema material. Better watch this at home when you have a relaxt evening.

Also I went to the second #meetTalkBlog event organized by Lily. It was a WordPress workshop. Internet Advanges told use about handy plugins, SEO and Google Analytics. It was really learn full and most important fun. I met some nice bloggers and learn a lot from them. Underneath you will see a movie made by Lydia about that day. After the event we did some shootings and went to restaurant Raak for dinner.

I received my Daniel Wellington watch. Am so happy with is, such a classy watch and it’s match with everything. Every fashionista should have this beautiful watch. Well and this is your changes. If you order one at and use the code Wendy you will get a 15% discount :).

Enjoy the pictures and of course your weekend!

Insta Diary August part 2

Video #MeetTalkBlog Event



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