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insta diary - februari 1
orning babes! It’s time for a short diary post. Two weeks ago I attended the River Island Salon Show to see the new S/S’15 collection. Here you can find my report about the event. I can tell you we gonna go back to the seventies. Hello a lot of prints, colors and flare pants. After the event, Farah and I went to the shop to use our voucher. Left in the conner you can see what I bought. My intern at ilovefashionbloggers is so much fun. We have a lot of great idea’s, but I’m afraid we have to choose what we gonna do. So stay toned and follow ilovefashionbloggers for all the updates.

Every Sunday Kevin and I have our shooting date. A day with a lot of laughing. eating, drinking, selfies and confronting the cold.
Last weekend It was Valentines day. I didn’t expect something, but the delivery man came by. Guess what? The Zalando man have a crush on my. Should I tell you a secret? I have also a crush on him. The crush is deep, because every sunday I take a peak on his website. He ask me what I want from Zalando.  I only want his love, but to look good on our first date I will choose the Nike Air Force 1. I prefer the low model, but the high one is also good. Oh size 37,5 :P.

Last Sunday after our shooting date Kevin and I went to Justine’s Restaurant day! Justine cook for 30th guest Mexicaans at her home. I can tell you it was delicious! Thank you Justine! Between al the shooting dates and events I had  a B-day from a good friend of my. It was a fun evening!

Enjoy the pictures!

Insta Diary - february 2  Insta Diary - February 3

Have a nice day!


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  1. 18 februari 2015 / 10:09

    Leuke foto’s! En de Nike Air Force 1 heb ik zelf ook, vind ze super tof! Zowel de lage als de hoge inderdaad.
    Cherel onlangs geplaatst…Leren jasje en rokjeMy Profile

  2. 18 februari 2015 / 22:42

    Ik begrijp je liefde voor de Zalando man haha, maar er zijn meerdere mannen waar ik een diepe relatie mee heb. De Zara man, en de H&M man, bijvoorbeeld.. Dit gaat nooit stuk haha. Maar leuke foto’s mop! Veel plezier in Kopenhagen met Vero Moda!

    X Sarah
    Sarah onlangs geplaatst…INDIAN STYLEMy Profile

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