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Hi Guys!

How are you? Let me tell you a secret. I’m really addicted to shopping, it’s so bad that i buy every week clothes and not one piece NOOO but a lot. This cost my almost every week around the €200,- or more ;-S. CRAZY! don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong because i love to shop and clothes are very importent to me, but unfortunately my wallet disagree. So i make a promise to myself and try to shop a little bit less. Well i didn’t bought for 6 weeks clothes i’m so proud at myself, but last thursday i had a weak moment i went to the Zara ;-).

I bought this gorgeous necklace and amazing shorts. So what do you think?

Tomorrow i will make a outfit post with these pieces.

Question for you! Have anyone else the same shopping addiction? And why we do this? I do it because i like nice clothes and find it importent to look good, but that’s also possible with less clothes. I know from myself i shop a lot when i feel also bad, because shopping makes me HAPPY! ;-). Not that i felt every week bad, but i think that’s also a reason in combination with looking good and want to have it. So i’m curious when you have also this addiction what’s you reason???

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  1. 24 juni 2012 / 20:30

    I totally understand you! I have the same problem, I just go to the city
    for nothing but I always come home with something. Now I make a promise
    to myself to buy nothing! I don’t need more clothes. I am good to make excuses
    to buy clothes haha. Bad habit. I really like the short! Gorgeous.
    Thanks for your comment, you have a nice blog too! Have a nice weekend girl.
    XX Ann

  2. 25 juni 2012 / 00:00

    those shorts are absolutely amazing! i LOVE them 😀

  3. 25 juni 2012 / 02:32

    awe, i think all women feel this way and its very normal. I love your new zara haul, and can relate a little bit because I love them a lot these days too! So hard not to buy something from them! xO!

  4. 25 juni 2012 / 05:45

    I definitely have a shopping problem, not that I feel bad I just like new things! I love getting home and looking at the new items and putting them on! Things nobody has seen me wear. Im holding myself back tho cause I have to save money but now I just avoid the mall.
    BTW I love that collar necklace!!

  5. 25 juni 2012 / 12:58

    Beautiful shorts 🙂 You should be prud of You – 6 weeks! I’t great resultat 🙂 I’ll follow you with pleasure 🙂

  6. 25 juni 2012 / 15:22

    Super gave ketting,het shortje vind ik ook erg leuk!X

  7. 26 juni 2012 / 04:38

    Super cute shorts! Love the colors! Thanks for the comment on my blog I’m following back now!


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