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i sweeties, just a little personal update for you guys!  As you may have noticed it has been a little bit silent on the blog lately.
End of 2015 I already had struggles with creating content for my blog. I really was dealing with some blog issues. I had no energy to do shootings, answer my emails or thinking about new topics. Still I didn’t wanted to give up my blog. I had a tight schedule and everyday their was a post online. Unfortunately because no lack of energy I was breaking my own schedule. I didn’t post everyday anymore and my frequently topics like ‘The Blogger Spotlight’, ‘Tips’ and ‘Insta Diary’ I skipt.

In the beginning I really felt bad about it, but actually it’s okay. Let me explain! It started as a hobby, but it became more. Included  the expectations. I wanted more and more as fast as possible. I never wanted to be a top blogger, but I’m going to lie if I tell you I didn’t wanted the success.  Of course I wanted that awesome collab with a big brand, of course I wanted all the press trips and yes I wanted attend every cool event. Four (almost five) years I work hard on my blog beside my full-time job.  Meaning; Midnights editings and making post, attended events in Amsterdam for networking ,weekend shootings and give up my social life. You can understand how exhausting it was. Still I never mind, because I love doing it. I really can’t imagine myself without my blog and I would do it all over again. Thanks to my blog I finally found the job that I wanted. I’m Campaign Manager at Influentials. I connect influencers with brands. I really love doing it, but it’s also the mean reason why I have some blog issues. Because I work the whole day with Influencers and brands I don’t have the energy to work on my own blog. Like I said I never can or will give up blogging, but i decide to take a step back. No schedule, no planning, no expectations. I want to focus more on my job and my blog is just a hobby in my life.

So nope, my blog is not dead but don’t expect an every day post.



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  1. sabine
    25 mei 2016 / 08:49

    Let’s be real. If you have an amazing job like that and that was maybe one of your goals, then of course that’s so important! My blog is just a hobby too. I’m not stressing about it and as much as I love it, I won’t change my life for my blog. I’m putting a lot of time in my hobby, but someone who loves a sport does the same maybe. Wendy look what you have achieved already. You’re an amazing online influencer and you can be damn proud of yourself! Xo Sabine

  2. 25 mei 2016 / 10:28

    Ik vind het heel knap van je hoe je het vol hebt kunnen houden elke dag een artikel online te zetten! Het is helemaal niet erg om een stap terug te nemen. Je sociale en je werk leven zijn ook belangrijk. Volgers wachten wel op nieuwe berichten, of het nu elke dag is of een paar keer in de week! 😉
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  3. 5 juni 2016 / 22:26

    Doe het gewoon lekker rustig aan meis. Ook ik heb een mini burn out gehad met bloggen begin dit jaar. (Geen inspiratie om outfits te schieten, geen outfit ideetjes meer, te moe om te editten).

    Door lekker op vakantie te gaan naar Indonesie en voor de eerste keer in jaren 6 weken even niet te bloggen, kwam ik weer helemaal op adem en kreeg ik weer nieuw inspratie. Nu ben ik weer lekker aan de slag en nog steeds heb ik het “moeten” de deur uit gegooid.

    Enjoy je nieuwe job en blog gewoon lekker op een gezond en rustig tempo die jou uitkomt.

    Liefs Tamara Chloé
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