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A new year means new resolutions! Actually I didn’t want to write a post about this, but it’s good to write it down so I don’t forget. Beside that when I share it with you guys I have to approve myself, haha. So let’s do this….

1. Work days from 08:00 till 13:00h
In Disney land Jennie (jenniefromtheblog) told me about her resolutions. Her theory about the 5hours work days was really inspiring.  How do you get things done in less time? Example when you work eight hours you will do things what is not relevant. Like checking your FB/social media, talk longer with your colleague, have a long lunch break and the mistake everyone make is postpone.  Oh boy, I’m really good in that, haha. I think with the 5hours days you will be more productive. Beside that you have more free time for yourself which is very important. I’m in! Yesterday I started with this resolution and I already love it. Normally I make my post in the evening, but lately I had not the energy. Result there was no post online on Now I made this post yesterday morning and their is no stress or guilt feelings. I did my task and don’t have to worry about it. When I have appointments I will plan this in the afternoon. My 5hours work day is only tasks like; making blogpost, mails, social media, photography etc. I will keep you posted about this resolution.

2. Being more healthier
I know that my eat patron is not healthy. Breakfast what is that? In the morning I really can’t thing about eating. Beside that I never give myself the time for it. Ten more minutes of sleep is more important to me, haha. Lunch, actually I do this because everyone at work is eating. Otherwise I don’t lunch. In the evening I probably eat not one plate, but two. This really has to changes! Especially because i’m working for myself at home which means no breakfast and lunch. I know it will be hard for me, but I have to try. This means also more vegetables, fruit and less meat. Oh boy, I really love meat. #fingerscrossed

An other thing is to work on my condition and figure. The last few months I really had no energy, wanted to stay on the couch and working on my blog was hell. I know it was because of my eat patron and because I didn’t sport. Well, yesterday I subscribe by Basic Fit and I planned to sport 3 times a week (or more). So there’s a start! Let’s do this!

3. Take my blog more seriously
My blog started as a hobby and I never planned to make a business out of it. But the influencer world is changes a lot and more brands/companies finally see the positive effect influencers have in the marketing world. The last years more and more companies are willing to invest in influencers, which result in great collabs with them. I still can’t believe I made from my hobby a business, crazy right. I always saw it as a hobby so I didn’t sign my blog at KvK. I only had a VAT number so I could send invoice for my projects. But it’s time to take it seriously! Think about new topic for my blog, make a schedule, post everyday, inspire my followers and last but not least make an official business. This Thursday I have an appointment at KvK, yeaaahhh!

4. Start my own company
I’m not talking about my blog. Together with Danique i’m working on something. I hope we can accomplish our goals. For now I leave it by this!

5. Travel more
Okay I can’t complain because I already travel a lot. But I truly believes that ‘We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us‘. Travelling will make your richer with experience and awesome adventures what this world has to offer. So YES MORE TRAVELLING!!!

That are my resolutions for 2017! Of course i’m really curious about your resolutions. Leave them in a comment below and let support and inspire each other.


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  1. 11 januari 2017 / 10:43

    You are so right Wendy ! Travelling more really is a must. I also want to travel more and I already come pu with a new destination for 2017: hiking on Crete. That would be fun !

    Lot’s of Love
    Verena Fiona | London, Paris, Milan, blah… |
    Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat!

  2. 11 januari 2017 / 11:09

    Wat een leuke en goede voornemens, ik ben benieuwd naar je bedrijfje en die werkdagen van 5 uur klinken veelbelovend! Ik kijk nu al uit naar je ‘Travel’ posts! X

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