Snapshots Diary | Queensday


Last weekend we celebrated Queensday in the Netherlands, the birthday of our former Queen Juliana. On my earlier post i explain what it means and show the Bavaria V-dress made by Spijkers en Spijkers, the famous designer sisters from the Netherlands.

The night before Queensday i went with friends at a flea market in Utrecht. It was so crowded and busy that i don’t bought anything, because it was impossible to look quiet. After that we visit a view outdoor party in the city.

The next day i went to a free outdoor party ‘Sounds From The Loft’ at Amstelveld in Amsterdam. The weather was great (really only that day), the party was fun and lovely friends.  So i had a perfect Queensday 😉

On or way to Amsterdam

Pretty nails 😉
Me in the V-dress from Bavaria

Tomorrow a new outfit preview 😉
Have a nice day!!

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