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f you’re an Instagram addict like me, you will have definitely seen some spectacular flatlays from your favorite bloggers, influencers and brands. A good flatlay is carefully constructed and pieced together with purpose. It’s not that easy than you think. In today’s post I will give you 5 tips how to make ‘the perfect flatlay’ picture. After reading this article you gonna be a #flatlayqueen or king.

1. Light
The number one rule of flatlay images is to shoot in natural light. The best option is in the morning or afternoon. Natural light is best because it does not create shadows and you’ll be able to use better settings on your camera, so it’ll keep the quality as high as possible. So try different places around your home until you find a place that gives you the best natural lighting. Example near the windows.

2. Background 
A simple background will definitely help to make a perfect flatlay. I usually use a white board, but my fluffy carpet, bed sheets and marble laptop case will work too. The simpler the background is the more product you can include without making it too busy and messy. So have a look around your home for surfaces to flatlay on.

3. Set up
It’s look incredibly simple to make a flatlay, but there is a lot of work that goes into them. Unfortunately it’s not possible to through all your products on the ground and are hoping it will looks good. Photography styling takes a lot of patience and practice. There is a lot to consideration when it because about flatlay styling:

  • Which props are you gonna use? And are the props working?*
  • Is it too messy?
  • Is there enough space between the props?
  • How do the items look next to each other?
  • Use a theme and one colour palette so everything will match.
  • If the items are arranged in a line are they straight?

*Using props can turn a boring flatlay into something completely Instagram-worthy, but it’s important to use the right type of props for what you’re shooting. A few fail-safe props to use are flowers, candles, cacti and coffee cups. They’re perfect if you want to fill up a bit of unused space.

4. Birds eye view
Getting a birds eye view is difficult and a bit awkward. You probably have to stand in weird positions to get the best angle for your flatlay. By this I mean standing on a chair, table or whatever to be able to shoot from above.  Be careful, because if you go too far from the bottom it can make things appear a lot bigger and by going too far from the top it can be quite uncomfortable for the viewer. Yep! You are look silly, but who care’s? Everything for the picture.

5. Practice (a lot) 
Practice, practice and practice! That’s the best way to develops your own style and get the hang on it. Don’t be afraid to play around with things. Try different angles, use great props and try different things than you already see by others. Find your unique touch and make yourself a #flatlayqueen or king! PS: I write also an article about ‘How to edit your Instagram pictures‘.

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Do you have any tips for the perfect flat lay? I would love to hear it, so leave a comment below or follow me on Instagram to check out my flatlays, haha.


Picture: Myself – Items from Jot It down.


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  1. Sabine - so far so Sabine
    23 maart 2016 / 18:43

    hahahaha found the comment Area, thank God!
    lol. As I said before; you’re an inspiration and those posts are really good to check dubble check if I’m doing it right, since I just started blogging. I’m always a big fan of you and the blog post about social media!! xo

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