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i sweeties, today I want to take you back tot our journey with Vero Moda in Copenhagen. It was our final trip to Copenhagen and Vero Moda had a lovely schedule for us. After a lovely lunch with the Vero Moda ladies we got the changes to explore the city by ourselves. The weather was good so we decided to do a canal tour, which took us through the city with his beautiful architecture and cultural spots. We started at Nyhavn and the boat took us alongside various monuments, the old mast crane, Christianshavn (what is inspired by Amsterdam) and the famous Little Mermaid. When you visited Copenhagen I would definitely recommended this canal tour. You paid only €6,- and you see a lot of hotspots.

After the canal tour we decided to go to Tivoli, a small theme park in the middle of the centre. We didn’t go in any of the roller coasters. We took a stroll in this beautiful park, making some pictures (here) and sitting in the park to enjoy the sun.

In the evening we had dinner at Mash and OMG! the food is delicious it’s almost heaven. Believe me on this when you see a Mash restaurant in Denmark or London please eat there, because it’s sooooo gooooddd! Now I really want to book a flight to Copenhagen only to just eat there, haha.

The next day we had the changes to see the new Vero Moda collection in their beautiful headquarter. Last week I showed you my look and the building already on the blog which you can find here. Than we had a one on one with their trendspecialist, a very inspiring well-traveled woman. She told us everything about the fall winter trends, but also gave us an insight in the trends for the upcoming 10 years.

In the afternoon we went to Le Management, a modeling agency, where we allowed to help casting models for Vero Moda’s lookbook. This was really so much fun to do. A carrier in this would be awesome, I could be the new Tyra Banks, hihi.

Than it was time to say goodbye to Alana and Mette from Vero Moda. Lukcy we still had some time to shop in the city, but than it was really time to leave this beautiful city. It was a great Vero Moda adventure what I will not forget.

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Thanks Vero Moda for the wonderful time in Copenhagen!
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  1. 5 augustus 2015 / 21:35

    Dat ziet er super leuk uit allemaal. Mooie foto’s ook. Copenhagen lijkt me mooi!

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