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Morning sweeties! Today a new Insta Diary on the blog :). Again It was two busy but also fun weeks with a lot of events, shooting days and partys!

Saterday 8 march I went to Amsterdam to meet Virgit from PreppyFashionist. The weather was good and the company great. Perfect Saturday afternoon! We shoot three outfits for our blogs and OMG Virgit have the real Chanel Boy Bag! I think I was wearing more the bag than herself haha. Of course I made also my outfit pictures with the dream bag of every woman.  After that we had a delicious lunch break at Grand Cafe Willemspark where we taste the best sweet wine ever! We had such a lovely day, can’t wait to shoot again with the sweet Virgit. 

In the night I went with my friend Floor to the Nelly High Heels Event at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht. Lucky for use we didn’t had to stand in the huge line in front of the door. I had some privileges because I was reporter for StyleToday. Love to be a blogger! :P. It’s was a great event, we had a little talk with Fred van Leer and the best part of the evening we got free NLY shoes. Read HERE everything about the evening. After the event we did a little dance at the party and went to Zussen for some nice cocktails. 

Sunday I had a short shooting date with Lily from HastagByLily. The weather was so nice that we went for an ice cream after our shoot. It was the second time that I met Lily and It’s such a sweetheart. I think we gonna do more often shoots together ;). 

The rest of the week I was busy with work, bah! But that week I received a lot packets from the mail man (Always love that man). I got my leather jacket from Fornarina and my look-a-like Boy Bag from ComeGetFashion. I received also A packet from the H&M and FashionWahalla, but more about the later.

I told you guys that I go to Thailand and Bali for two months. So last saterday I went with my backpack buddy Marijn to the city to buy some important stuff for our tripp. Soon you will find a post about that on the blog. “What do you need for backpacking’. I think It will be fun to read about that and maybe it’s helpful if you have also plans to make a tripp like this. While we were shopping we got a invitation from Lee Jeans to drink champagne with them, because the excised 125 years. Of course we are always in for a drink ;). And Congrets LEE! <3. After the something Floor was joining use and we went for a dinner at Havana’s. 

Sunday so if you already know it was my shooting date with Nathalie. It was a short one because I had a lot to do, but we make some great pictures. I’m very happy with the result. Before I go DON’T forgot to join my awesome giveaway that I organized with Intreza. You can choose a free pair of shoes from the webshop. CLICK HERE to enter! 

Have a nice Wednesday!


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  1. 19 maart 2014 / 08:16

    Wauw wat een heerlijke diary! Ontzettend mooie foto’s en wat een fijne tijd heb je achter de rug vol hoogtepunten!

  2. 19 maart 2014 / 09:36

    Weer een leuke diary! Je maakt geeft altijd zo leuk weer met die foto’s door elkaar met tekst;)

    xx Laura

  3. 19 maart 2014 / 14:02

    Wat een leuke collage!!! Love this! More shoots for sure!!! 😉

  4. 19 maart 2014 / 15:27

    Ziet er leuk uit! Mooie collage ook :D! Ik zou ook naar Nelly High heels event gaan maar kon toch niet op het laatst :(! xxx

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