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Hi sweeties! You probably know that beside blogging I have a full-time job at the Jaarbeurs, location in Utrecht for fairs and events. In january I made the decision to work part-time and to start with an internship at ilovefashionbloggers. So actually I have three jobs, blogging, Jaarbeurs & ilovefashionbloggers. Lately I quite often got the question how I can manage it all. Well. to be honest I actually don’t know! I have to work to earn money, my internship for my future and my blog is a big hobby and something which I really love.  All three are a big motivation to keep going, but of course I had to make some offers for it. My social life is become less. Because I’m always busy, I love to have some alone time. So yes when my friends go out or wanted to do something I couldn’t always be there too. Don’t get me wrong, of course I still do nice things with my friends but not every week/day like I used to. Yes its hard work, but with a goal in my mind it gives me the energy and motivation I need to keep going. Work hard play hard!!

It’s a pity that one day only lasts 24 hours, because I always run out of time, haha. Planning is the keyword for this, but that’s not always easy. I’ll give you some of my tips about how to work fulltime & still update your blog daily, because it can definitely work:

1. Buy a planner or notebook.
Okay confession number 1. I don’t have one, haha. But I really have to follow my own advice. With my busy schedule I (sometimes) forget things and my head is always working. When you write things down, you can let loose which will work more relaxing. Beside a planner a notebook is very helpful. Here you could write down blog ideas. Always take it with you, you’ll get inspiration in the weirdest places & times, so write them down!

2. Make a to do list
Actually your planner is already your big to do list, but sometimes it help to make a small to do list for each day that you want to work on your blog. I always use my phone for these list. I always got my phone with me, so I can always check what I need to do that day/evening. A to do list definitely makes you stress less, because it can clear your mind :). An other tip is
Wunderlist, an to do list online.

3. Smart thinking
What days are your days off? Use those days smart. I’m working in the entertainment branch so I have a different schedule every week. Luckily most of the times I’am free in the weekend, but when it’s busy I have to work pitch in. For me it’s really important to plan 1 day in the week for myself. A lazy doing nothing pj’s day. Another day is for my shootings, what means taking pictures of 3 or 4 outfits. Depends on how much outfit pictures you want to post each week. I usually post 3 of them. For fashion bloggers the outfit post are the most importantmost viewed posts. I always do this with some fellow bloggers which make it more fun. Also make pictures that day of your new stuff (what did you buy/receive last week?) Hello new Instagram content!

I’m not always able to shoot every week. So I try to plan in advance. What I mean is to have some looks as back ups. Sometimes on my shooting date I shoot 4 outfits instead of 3. When I have a date with a friend, I always ask if they want to make some pictures of my look (only when we have time). Because of this I always have some looks as a back up. What also works is a preview posts (just one of your best shots of one of your outfits you are going to show the day after). A lot of bloggers work with these posts, when they don’t have the time for a whole new blogposts. Smart thinking!

4. Schedule Posts
For yourself but also for your followers it’s handy to have a fixed work schedule. What to post when? For me it looks like this:
Monday: Outfit (Always my best shoot that week, I want to start with a BANG)
Tuesday: Blogger Spotlight
Wednesday: Something different like events I attending, tips, or an Insta Diary.
Thursday: Outfit
Friday: Outfit
Saturday: Same like Wednesday
Sunday: Inspiration post

Quite a clear schedule and it makes it way more easier to prepare your posts with the schedule in mind. I always make my post one evening before it comes online. This works the best for me. The only mistake I sometimes make is to start very late which result in writing my post in the middle of the night. PS: it’s now 01:00 AM #LOL

5. Social Media
This is very important for your blog. Trigger people with a quick Instagram or Facebook post, so they’re gonna visit your blog. Make them curious for more. Example post a picture of your shoes and tell them that you went to the hairdresser. To see the result people have to go to your blog. You probably always have your phone with you, so a picture is easy to make. For your blog you prepars the post/pictures. Social media canals are a medium to show what you are doing at that moment. Of course I post my outfits on my socials, but I always try to make pictures of the events which I attending, my food, new items and funny/silly moments. The only thing whats very important is for me is that the picture fits on my feed.

Try to make a planning for you socials too. Post 3 pictures every day and you will see your followers grow. But I admit, you have to be really committed to pull this of. I can tell you I’m not, but am working on it.

6. Email + Comments other blogs
Write this down on your to do list and planner. This is very important. I always plan 1 hour every day for this. When people comment on my blog I really appreciated it. I always will comment back. How? From every comment I get an e-mail and I only delete it when I have written something back.

7. Goals
Make goals! What do you want to achieve with your blog? Write that down and try to achieve them.
In my first year of blogging I wanted to grow and joining some great fashion events. Most of my time I was commenting and reading other blogs and trying to know this bloggers scene. When I was growing, I introduced myself to some pr bureaus which was working because about 4 a 6 months later I already attend some events.
In my second year I wanted to improve my writers and photography skills. I improved myself because I was hanging out with other bloggers. You can learn so much from each other. My other goal was to do some cooperation with some brands. Because I was growing brands approached me, but I also approached brands.
Now in my third year I have the goal to find finally work in the fashion industry. That was also a goal when I started my blog, but at that moment unreachable. Now I know it’s possible. So networking is my number one at this moment. I already took my first step and that is my internship at ilovefashionbloggers. And of course my number one goal is to inspire you!!

8. Love what you do!
Just remember why you started a blog. Probably because it’s your hobby and you passionate about it. Don’t forget! Do you want to start making money with your blog? Then you should demand more and invest.

I hope this was helpful for you and that you did like it! Do you want to know more about blogging? Please tell me

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  1. 11 maart 2015 / 11:16

    Een heel interessant artikel met veel diepgang, fijn! Goede tips, waar ik zeker wat aan heb. Ik moet meer met een planning aan werken, maar ben daar zo slecht in als ik moe ben, haha.
    Liset onlangs geplaatst…Boekrecensie | Wacht op mij – J. LynnMy Profile

  2. 11 maart 2015 / 15:38

    Great tips ! Especially for the “schedule posts”.. With school and my job, I do not have the time to post regularly.. 🙁 But I will find the time to post at less 2 times per week !

    Great blog btw 🙂 X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back !

  3. 11 maart 2015 / 17:06

    ik kan ook regelmatig wat extra uurtjes in me dag gebruiken.
    goede tips geef je! vooral aan planning zou ik nog moeten werken. want dat is niet bepaald mijn sterkste punt haha.
    ik werk wel veel vooruit. ook met foto’s. zodat als ik een artikel schrijf ik iig al de foto’s heb.
    diana onlangs geplaatst…Recept: BananensoepMy Profile

  4. 11 maart 2015 / 19:27

    Geweldig artikel! En super handige tips, ik ga het eens uitproberen 🙂
    Succes met het harde werk dat je doet, je blog ziet er geweldig uit.
    Liefs, Carmen
    Carmen Hoesen onlangs geplaatst…Sieraden | Heart for JewelsMy Profile

  5. 11 maart 2015 / 19:59

    Wat goed dat je al zo goed gegroeid bent met je blog! You go girl! Hopelijk krijg ik later ook de kans zo te groeien met mijn blog! Liefs!
    Annelies onlangs geplaatst…Soft & gentle make-up lookMy Profile

  6. 12 maart 2015 / 11:22

    Knap hoor met 3 banen en elke dag bloggen! Wat een super tips geef je!
    alexa onlangs geplaatst…Zalm pasteiMy Profile

  7. 6 augustus 2015 / 18:32

    Hele Leuke post! Ook leuk om te lezen dat je zo goed met je doelen bezig bent en nu al in de fashion industry werkt!
    Elles onlangs geplaatst…Poseren op photoshootsMy Profile

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