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Morning babes! Do you remember my last Wednesday tips post? I wrote about my experience with Instagram and gave you 5 tips ‘How to get more Instagram followers’. Well let’s stay in this theme, but now I will give tips about Instagram mistakes you should avoid. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channel with millions of users. You really have to step up your game to get notice. Unfortunately  a lot will make those mistakes……….

1. No link or contact info in account bio
Your profile’s bio on Instagram is the only place where you can add a clickable link to your website. Your contact information is just important as your link. If you don’t do add this to your bio you can miss huge opportunities.

2. Misusing hashtags
Using useful hashtags will help people find your account, because they searching related images. However, don’t over do it. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. The main function of hashtags are enabling discovery–allowing others to find topics and users of interest thanks to the use of relevant keywords. If you are spamming your posts with too many or irrelevant hashtags, you are devaluing your account and are at the risk of losing credibility. #Just #Don’t #Do #It.

3. Over posting or under posting
Be aware of over posting or under posting. Posting too often will make your followers feel like they are being spammed. We all hate spam don’t we? So be carful with this. However, when you aren’t posting enough, followers will either think you are lazy and neglecting your account, or, more likely forget about you. My advice is post 2 or 3 pictures a day, but analyze your audience and see what works best for you.

4. Not engaging with other users
One of the most important things is to engage with your audience. Just follow other relevant users (find these through hashtag searches, the Discover page, or seeing who your followers are following/liking) and engage with them. Don’t go on liking sprees, but definitely comment on their photos when appropriate. Likewise, if somebody leaves a comment on one of your photos, take the time to respond. Building relationships is the keyword on this!

5. Being overly promotional
Showing constantly your business in people’s faces on Instagram is annoying.  When you only posting your sponsored post or logo, your followers are surely going to lose interest. Instead, take a softer approach and try to visually portray the values that your represent.

6. Using low-quality images
I think the title is enough, haha. Instagram is a visual tool, so posting bad quality pictures won’t help you growing. I don’t mean you have to use a good camera like a Canon or Nikon. You mobile phone is good enough when you take this advice;

  • Take a few photos in order to get one excellent shot. Don’t use the Instagram app to make pictures, your camera on the phone have more functions and is much more better.
  • Light is always your friend when you make pictures. So follow the light and always aim to take photos in indirect natural daylight if possible, or during the ‘Golden/Blue hours’.
  • Be aware of shadows and unintentional reflections that can appear in your images (they distract from your main subject and discount image quality)
  • Edit your picture in apps like Afterlight, Facetune or VSCO Cam. Few weeks ago I wrote an article about how to edit your Instagram pictures, I think that is helpful.
  • Find an visual style and stick to it. Consistency in your images allows for an overall cohesion when your feed is viewed as a whole, something that lends you credibility while also being visually pleasing.

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy your day!



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  1. 24 februari 2016 / 15:31

    Great tips! Honestly, I’ve been a member for years but to this day I haven’t grown my account and I absolutely don’t know the reason why! These suggestions surely help!

    Xoxo, Jo

  2. 24 februari 2016 / 16:22

    Hi Wendy,
    I really appreciate these kind of posts, I’m such a beginner with instagram, but trying my best. If you have tips, they’re always welcome, but ill surely keep an eye on your website to stay informed!
    sabine onlangs geplaatst…TomFord Mandarino Di Amalfi FragranceMy Profile

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